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Despite what randomredditposter#8962 might say, we’re still here and still working on Heroes, reworks, balance patches, skins, etc. We’ve always been tight lipped about our releases and that hasn’t changed. That being said, my fellow blues and I (and a celebrity cameo by Spazzo) have left quite a few tasty breadcrumbs as to what’s coming next. As soon as we’re ready to share this content with you all, we will!

I would also like to remind people that the odds of randomredditposter#8962 having a super-secret insider scoop on our internal processes is basically nil. It’s unfortunate that these types of people spend their time trying to mislead and demoralize their fellow Heroes enthusiasts, but that’s just the reality of internet culture.

Just to keep the Bliz forum users updated. Talk is that new patch will be the 18th. Fingers crossed!

Edit: when asked about the new patch Bliz this is what Bliz said:


Spazzo is Spazzo965 the data miner?

They should just hire him at this point since he apparently provided them with a list of like hundreds of bug fixes that could be fixed just by uploading some new number values or text strings. And they apparently are going to fix them based on these uploads.


'Kay. Thanks for the lecture on Reddit culture, dev. Care to take two minutes to flip that season switch now?


They talked about that tho.

They didn’t tho. They mention vague “content.” They mention “heroes, reworks, balance patches, skins, etc.” But nothing about seasonal events. When your Christmas event is still going on in mid-May, you’d think you’d spare a couple words to mention something about that.

Maybe they should’ve used some of those words spent on meta Reddit discussion to tell people that they can expect a Spring seasonal change with the next update that’ll be coming soon. (Presuming the May 18th date is accurate. Otherwise it’s going to be a very short season unless it bleeds over into Summer like Winter has to Spring.)


yeah gotta love that passive aggressive attitude “ofcourse we’re still working on the game!”
yeah…so thats why its still christmas in may? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Maybe instead of blaming the community for losing faith in the development team after 2 months of radio silence they should make an effort to communicate better


Seasons always change with major content patches. I think it’s implicit.


We know neither how major that “content” they have planned for the next update is, nor any confirmed date for when it will be released. It could be just a balance patch or even nothing this month. “As soon as we’re ready” could mean a week, a month, another half a year for all we know. There’s always a world in which they skip over the Spring event entirely this year and go straight into Summer, too.

If they would communicate a little better, we wouldn’t have to wonder about these things. Keeping everything so close to the chest like they are only really works when you’re consistently updating your game and pushing out new updates and content, which, they haven’t been. Throwing an extra bone or two here would go a long way.


We have a date tho.
The Seasonal “events” change with the Ranked Seasons.
So when the current Ranked Season finally ends, we’ll have a new “Event” which means no more Winter items at least.
Ranked Seasons also usually change with the mentioned big content patches.
We have two leaked events (OW Cosplay and Classic) we’ll prob get one now and the other at Summer or Autumn.

That part is about the fake contents tho. My guess is it’s a reference to NotBelial but maybe I got it wrong.

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We had a date back in March, too. Who’s to say it doesn’t get pushed back again? “Usually” Winter doesn’t go on for half a year and we get updates more regularly, but here we are. Maybe we’ll get 28 weeks of Summer to round out the year after the 24 weeks of Winter.

Is it really too much to ask for them to communicate in less cryptic language after months of nothing? Maybe stop hiding from their own forums and make an effort to show that the game isn’t on its deathbed? How about a few more words than, “We’re doing things and stuff eventually! Really! Also, internet bad.”


Nope, and they’re indeed lacking in that departure.
And you’re right, there’s no guarantee that the Ranked Season’s End Date won’t get changed yet again.
But we’ll still get new stuff, otherwise they wouldn’t have changed the date and would’ve just roled an empty event like they did with Winter.


I can’t wait for the 18th.

People are getting cranky. We need some new content for them to get pissed about instead.


We’ll see. It’d be nice if that’s the case. It’d also be nice for them to use their words.

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I really try to give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt, but that post is just total gaslighting.

First off, they have never been tight lipped about releases. In fact, in its hey day, patches were expected on a bi monthly schedule. They also were more than willing to come in to tease certain features, or discuss certain balance problems that aren’t “new content”. People are more susceptible to be demoralized and misled because no one is producing a counter narrative.

But go on, we’re the crazy ones after complete radio silence and 2 months without a patch release.


There was a blue post on reddit concerning missing collection items as well. Whoever it is they must be doing hell of a job because they managed to assemble three smaller posts in 6 months. Wouldn’t be a surprise if ranked season gets extended once again to accommodate for the lack of competence.

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That bug is still a thing?
What about the missing mounts while playing SL and trying to change them?

These have been around since like autumn 2020.

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Some news is better than no news no matter where it was posted. It would be nice if they posted anything (without promises) a couple of months ago. Radio silence allows for speculation to grow and bad actors to promote a “game dead” narrative. I know that many of my friends have decided to go on an extended hiatus as by appearances, it seemed like the game was at the very least in limbo.


These devs or dev, maybe only one is left, are hilarious, of course we are working on the game!!!

Christmas in May, No patch in 2 months and counting. (record time for not getting a patch)

…What would make random posters on Reddit think we are not working on it?? PFFT


Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to address it directly at the source? I mean what kind of customer support first ignores problems such as these for half a year? Purchases were made and they refuse to offer support for something that they won’t give out refunds as per official policy.

I mean they sort of fixed it (not) or at least claimed to have done so on December 20th - statement made by Huggincord from quality assurance. Come on seriously.