Best Heroes to Carry On


Wait, why is he not flexible? :frowning:


Yes, Tyrande is good at all ranks – and probably my favorite of all the supports. That being said, the lower the rank the easier it is to “carry” your team on her. When player her at the silver level, I was able to be #2 damage and outheal the enemy healer by 40% pretty regularly. It made closing kills and saving allies who get in bad spots so easy with her long-range stuns and combo abilities. At higher level she is very solid, but supports don’t really “carry” after about Platinum very well.

And Thrall is not flexible because he is an off-lane. You can sometimes squeeze him into the flex slot against certain teams. Generally when you are “carrying”, you need to be able to draft into one of the primary 3 roles: Tank, Healer, Ranged DPS. This doesn’t mean the other roles (offlane/flex) aren’t important, but they won’t let you carry a team of potatoes.

Also, I’ve decided that drafting as the 3rd or 4th pick is pretty much always the best when carrying. By then you already know a few of your own team’s picks, and can draft into the obvious void. You only want to fill one of the primary 3 roles, but you also want your team to be relatively well-rounded. You don’t want to draft a Thrall as the #2 pick and then end up without anyone wanting to play tank or support – which generally means you’ll only have one or the other, significantly lowering your chances of winning.


I disagree with that. Thrall is one of the most flexible heroes in the game. You can use him for almost everything. I have a lot of contact with people that played open division/HGC and they all said Thrall was one of the best things to draft early because you don’t expose your strategy and draft. The enemy team never know if that thrall is an offlaner or a third melee.

I also disagree that you need to play tank/healer/ranged to carry. You can carry pretty well with melee assassins or offlaners. You just need to pick an impactful hero that usually have waveclear and sustain, and thrall has that.

I’m carrying every game, even getting amazing comebacks, with Thrall. 8-0 this season with top siege/hero damage in every game.


Buff Genji and he can be a carry again rather than a overpowered minion with armor.


He should be banned for this. That’s not okay. Intentionally throwing so you get placed in bronze 5 then stomping your way up to master is such a terrible thing to do.


There is not other way to get bronze


I’m doing my second run like that. Just for fun. It’s not that hard to get to bronze5 and you don’t necessarily need to throw intentionally, just need to pretend to be a noob and do something stupid when it matters to lose games. Noone will notice, noone will report. Everybody happy.
You could be killing left and right, doing everything right, but just make sure to die first in game-ending team fight and you’re on good path to bronze.


If you are asking for the best generalist for teams that really have no clue what they’re doing, I’d say it would have to be someone good at waveclear, killing, soaking and being there when it means something and doing damage.

I want to say dehaka but he’s kind of lacking in straight up killing everyone, but he can spoonfeed clueless assassins kills with good drags.

So my list:

  1. Fenix
    Clears waves, holds solo lanes moderately well, uses shield to mitigate damage.
  2. Tychus
    Can blow up targets, has OK aoe enough to clear a wave, good poke, just all around decent.
  3. KTZ
    Even if he’s a backline squishy he can kill 2 people nearly instantly which sets up positive returns.
  4. Raynor
    Self heal, camp grabbing power, incredibly safe ranged AA damage, has a pseudo peel in the form of a massive knockback+slow, all good.

List is in no particular order, I don’t really think you can hardcarry with melee unless you are enabled by the enemy team which is unreliable.


Lucio, Diablo, Artanis, Genji are my list for best carries.


You should be banned as well. You literally just admitted to intentionally dying.


Darak, post your last 20-30 ranked games in a row. I’m pretty confident you are not talking about the same thing I am…

Carrying implies you can ensure a high chance of your team winning consistently every game you play. Thrall is only draft able in maybe 10% of your games tops. There is no way you are playing Thrall in the majority of your games. If you are playing him when he makes sense and winning on him – great. That is not the same thing as carrying…

The whole purpose of this thread was to discuss what/how to play to get yourself from a lower bracket to one you actually belong in. This means being able to grind out 100+ games and maintain a high win rate. Thrall does not allow you to accomplish this. I have a 100% win rate on Valeera when I play her, but I only draft her into the 5th slot and only under very specific conditions – I do not consider her a “carry” hero.


A bit off topic, but when do you draft valeera? I like valeera too sometimes, would like to know when she is a good pick.

I mean, I know the usual, if enemy heroes have no cc bla bla (but every enemy team has a tank and therefore has CC)


When to play Valeera is a bit hard to explain… First off, know what role she fills:

  1. She is drafted into the Bruiser or Flex slot on the team
  2. She hard counters Tracer/Murky/TLV/Zagara/Probius, and is very strong against Genji/Zeratul/Illidan
  3. Valeera is one of the best “protect player X” characters – I always play her if my team has a Sgt Hammer

Now you are probably reading this and saying: well that is super rare! And that is my point. She is a niche pick. Also, she only has one build.


Well, I’ll just say to anyone who wants to grind, Thrall is one of the best heroes to do that. Try it yourself. Good luck in your grinding.


Let me guess that one build: crippling poison, relentless strikes (Q), mutilate (Q), either heroic (though I prefer cloak), E talent, seal fate (Q), elusiveness.

Is that right?

I quite like combat readiness combined with slice and dice though. The tankiness from combat readiness combined with not sacrificing the range of Q (by not taking mutilate) combined with cloak of shadows means that you get to dart in and out a lot without dying (although less damage)


Good thing trolls like you don’t have any say in this.


Combat readiness is fine, crippling is just the default pick.

I don’t think slice and dice is viable. You lose out on so much damage compared to mutilate, and especially if you don’t pick crippling poison you’ll have a hard time sticking and getting that much value out of it.


Why would I troll about this? Intentionally losing games just so you can get placed in a league lower than you deserve so you can stomp your way back up and bully lower ranked players is an awful thing to do (and against the ToS, therefore being banworthy). I don’t see how saying that is trolling.


I mean that YOU are a known troll from your other posts. You don’t get to be non-troll if you say 1 sensible thing. On the other hand, I’m sometimes not sure, maybe you actually believe what you’re saying, but then that’s even worse.


Known troll? More like someone who has controversial opinions.

Besides he makes a good point this time lol you intentionally are playing poorly to lower your rank, therefore you are abusing the ranking system and giving your teammates a hard time, I would even go out and say that can be considered trolling.