Best brawl heroes

Who do you think are the best heroes for brawls?
My list would be:

  • Zul’Jin
  • Ming Li
  • Gazlowe
  • Mephisto
  • Lucio
  • Ariel
  • Zagara
  • Tassadar
  • Chromie

And perhaps Junk art and Brightwing too.

  • Li Ming because 1 lane+orb build+archon mode at 20=piercing, long range mega damage with a teleport to run away if things get bad. She’s safe and has crazy, crazy damage.

  • Deathwing because of stuns, slows, HUGE damage via Q and most importantly…Z lets him heal up, which nobody else can even come close to replicating in ARAM.

  • Lucio because of dem healz. Nuff’ said.

  • Kael’thas because the lane is narrow enough for Living Bomb to become a no skill nightmare spell for the enemy team to deal with.

  • Mephisto because he deals insane poke AoE damage

  • Azmodan since he’s essentially a slightly weaker/slightly safer version of Orb Li Ming in ARAM.

Chromie used to be op in ARAM but with Slowing Sands being nerfed I’m finding she’s no longer excessively oppressive since it actually costs mana to maintain Slowing Sands now.

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Insert every aoe capable hero here.


Icy Veins has an ARAM tier list, and many of the heroes you mention are near the top.

KEK, they consider Ariel to be the worst healer for brawls xD

2 for each class

Melee Assassin: Alarak, Qhira
Ranged Assassin: Zul’Jin, Mephisto
Healers: Stukov, Uther
Bruisers: Imperius, Gazlow
Tank: Garrosh, Diablo

For pure healers there are 3 good ones. Lucio, Brightwing and Stukov. Any other can be considered less than ideal for solo healing due to issues such as mana sustain, single target healing or dependence on allies or enemy comp. All 3 of these are capable of healing the entire team constantly by some amount irrespective of their mana or ability to fight.

However Alexstraza is one of those strange cases where she can class as a very high or almost instant pick tier hero for her combat capabilities rather than as a healer. At level 20 she becomes borderline broken in ARAM due to near infinite up time on dragon form which can heal up to 50% of her life with every attack and apply heavy slow in a large area while also still healing allies reasonably. Unless the enemy knows this and prepares to either combo her down, or retreat until it times out without her landing many attacks, they often full wipe and lose at that point.

Deckard Cain is in a similar position where you pick him for his root/damage rather than healing. Especially if you have access to many copies of him he becomes stupidly broken as you can chain root entire teams for over 15 seconds, dealing thousands of damage in the process with only a 10 second or so cooldown between combos.

Uther out right sucks for healing. His weakness, mana sustain, is a huge issue in a map without the hall of storms for infinite mana recharge. Most healers will easily out heal him by a huge margin, especially the “best” 3 I mentioned above. However he is also a very strong second healer pick since his CC can enable combos with other heroes while also giving a bit of healing and tanking here and there.

Usually better to go upgraded wave of force at 20 since the disruption potential at that range with such a low cooldown is huge. Archon can be seen as a trap talent since it seems cool, but it also locks you in place turning a strength into a weakness.

Zagara, Murky and many healers reach that level of healing, especially late game.

I assume you mean Auriel. I would not rate her top tier because of her reliance on allies dealing damage. If your allies have inconsistent damage dealer rolls or just play badly then her healing is very poor (trash tier). Been in that situation many times where I cannot heal anyone since no one is dealing damage and dying all the time. Yes she can deal her own damage, and her damage is pretty good as well, but that also relies on allies being able to prevent her from being focused, or just being alive to begin with.

If your team falls into a losing position where many people are dying frequently and your DPS are unable to deal damage then she is likely unable to attack safely either resulting in her healing falling to near non-existent levels which if she is the only healer then causes the entire situation to spiral worse and worse out of control. No other healer suffers this problem, with all other healers at most suffering from mana sustain issues straining their healing output. This is why one can easily argue she is the worst solo healer for Brawls.

Even Whitemane, another healer who is highly reliant on dealing damage to heal, does not suffer this badly. Whitemane still has 2 near infinite sustain options to keep healing allies even in the worst of situations, even if the numbers are sub-optimal. Auriel literally needs either herself, or her team, to deal reliable damage to heal reliably.

I can see why would an inexperienced Ariel player say that. However, she has this level 7 talent, that allows you to generate nrg from the damage your allies take.
AND 90% of the time, there is at least 1 decent battery in the team.

Which requires your allies to take damage. This by definition requires them to be alive so once again is entirely dependent on her allies… Allies dying a lot means poor healing. Poor healing means allies dying a lot. Spirals out of control.

Even characters that you would expect to deal a lot of damage might not be able to a lot of the time when at a disadvantage and even then that means the character has to be played well. When fighting Auriel you can kill their healing by not just focusing Auriel, but also the DPS that is charging her. No other healer suffers this weakness with all of them still being able to heal somewhat decently when 1 or more key allied heroes are dead.

I have had games with her that I end up with most healing and totally stomp over the numbers of other healers. Equally well I have had games with her where even Uther was out healing me due to DPS heroes being dead or unable to reliably land damage. This volatility and high reliance on allies is why she is a low tier healer in ARAM.

That’s something one who has never tried the talent would say. It’s a lot better than it seems on paper.


Even if it is better than it looks on paper, it still is rubbish though. 25% of the damage a single target takes is at best 25% of the health taken refunded. Given the cooldown of Ray of Heaven this seldom is the case on tanks in ARAM since a lot of the energy gained will be wasted waiting for cooldowns during bursts where 5 players land damage on them. Even then she has to cast it on the person taking damage, which will usually be front line and so not potentially healing everyone that needs it. This is in contrast to every other healer who has options to heal allies with or without them taking or dealing damage.

Another major weakness of hers that I forgot to mention is that her healing requires allies gather close together. This is a huge weakness in AoE heavy ARAM and again depends on allied skill so that they generate you opportunities to heal more than 1-2 people at a time. Li Ming, Kael’thas, Junkrat and Azmodan, among may, love it when their enemies gather close together to heal.

The proof is in the stats. Auriel has consistently one of the worst win rates of a healer in ARAM. In the particular set of stats linked below she even is worse than Whitemane and Alexstraza, who as healers share some of her weaknesses but, as described above, not all of them.,,

Unless we truly have no damage dealer, I keep giving the crown to the assassins. They take damage anyways, and this talent contributes with EXTRA nrg. Rarely do I give it to tanks, unless our damage has retreated, or unless they are extremely ineffective.
I don’t heal for “just 25% of the damage they have taken”, but for 25% of the damage they have taken ON TOP OF my regular heal.
Hell, late game Ariel can have an Ancestral Healing, WITH AOE, ON 4 SECONDS COOLDOWN! No other healer has that.

But I suppose you may have a point. While personally I have 62,1% win rate with Ariel in brawls (51,6% in the rest of the game modes, without vs AI), other people may indeed not know how to play her :stuck_out_tongue: And just because she’s easy for me, doesn’t make her easy in general.

All I see from these stats is that most of the hardest heroes to master are at the bottom. In reality, theses stats represent heroes in ARAM when played by beginners and without a proper team comp.

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Mephisto is one of the harder mages and so is Zul’jin as AA, but they are top tier in ARAM. Isn’t that a contradiction? But you’re right about Hanzo and Medivh though.

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I said most, there’s no contradiction here, but there are exceptions.
In ARAM, Mephisto can face roll his keyboard to have good results.

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Indeed, but I wonder why it isn’t possible with Hanzo (Q-Build), sure his W his hard to hit, but his abilitys are quite spammable and his dragon heroic is a great zoning tool either in ARAM. Same with Probius.

I play Probius and it’s incredible how powerful he is in ARAM,but for some reason he seems to hard for the avg. player in aram.

Which is exactly what ARAM is, since chances are your allies are low skilled and between RNG mess up and poor picks that is what you end up with. Auriel, a hero reliant on other heroes, is not good for such a mode.

Still has to know how to engage otherwise he ends up dead a lot. Saw that happen a lot.

Hanzo Q build is weak against hyper mobile heroes due to its skill shot nature. A lot of top tier heroes like Li Ming, Junkrat and the like are hyper mobile, never stand still heroes, so he cannot deal his full damage potential to them. This can leave him shooting the tank/bruiser for safety, which might not accomplish much, especially if the tank has spell armor. Hanzo’s main advantage over other heroes becomes his dragon ultimate due to its size and zoning, which might not compensate for the lackings given how late it comes online.

This is very much similar to Sgt Hammer, who looks good in ARAM on paper, but in reality has issues. In Hanzo’s case it is that a lot of high tier heroes are hyper mobile, while in Sgt Hammer’s case it is that a lot of high tier heroes hard counter heroes that self-root.

Probius is almost certainly due to a lack of experience by players. Even in Versus AI you seldom see people play Probius. I also would rate him a secret high tier, if you know what you are doing.

This is very much in line with Alexstraza. Most Alexstraza you see are choosing her as solo healer which she is not very good at. They then build her fully for healing which results in sub-optimal healing at best compared with Stukov and other high tier healers. However if they were to build her for damage, she is borderline a hyper carry as few teams will win against her if she hits level 20 and has allies that are alive.

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The OP didn’t specified that it was meant for low level players.

If a hero was played perfectly and with a good comp, Maiev and Whitemane would probably be one of the best because their team fight damage or healing are overwhelmingly high in master SL.

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Going by winrate, it’s Mei and Anub’arak by a healthy margin.

Here’s a brawl game:
As you can see, Ariel’s healing is as good as Anduin’s EVEN WITH NO ASSASSIN in the team.
Hell, I even had over 20 stacks on my 16 talent, and when I last looked at my energy, it was over 2700. Could’ve been over 3000 when the game ended. My energy was regenerating fairly fast.