Being a support doesnt mean you are a walking fountain


i dunno. sometimes i want to think that all this coming back at the altar just makes them zombies.

you know who im talking about. sometimes you see the guys with 10+ deaths.

i imagine these guys are just driven by an irresistible urge to eat enemy brains. so they dive into the enemy and get their heads blown off.


shudap and heal me!!


TBH, I only see people flipping out about this during prime time.

Keep in mind, you CAN link the amount of mana you have.

I usually:

  • Link the mana I have
  • Ping a warning in the lane I’m in
  • Port
  • Proceed to call the person who overextended after all those warnings an idiot for not paying attention; because you know he died from his own stupidity.


While a good support can minimize stupidity, you will have a very difficult time trying to carry games as a support. The role just does not have a big impact on the outcome of the game and ultimately whether you win or lose is ultimately going to depend on how well your teammates play more so than how well you play support.

I do think that some supports have more of an impact than other supports but still ultimately if you want to make an impact you’re better off playing another other role.

I mean, you said it yourself. The reason I notice the mistakes of my teammates is because it’s my job to try to minimize those mistakes. I only have so many CDs, so I have to prioritize which heroes gets what CD and sometimes it doesn’t matter because there were far too many mistakes and I didn’t have enough cds to deal with all of them.

Personally, I am aware of most mistakes I make in game and I watch my own replays to see what I could have done better. I know when I’ve missed a heal or mistimed an ult or important cleanse, etc.


We need the new Hero:

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: The moving Fountain :cold_face:


Well, that’s you and I would say the same to you as I did the OP, you’re probably just not that great at support. And I say that with no judgement, because we’re each better at certain roles. I find I have better impact on the team when I play supports. The problem I have is when people project their own inadequacies to everyone else.

With your win rate, and attitude, I don’t think you actually do. You’re probably more hyper focused on what the other team has failed to do than your own mistakes, which is exactly what happens when I don’t play a support and am judging my healer.


It’s why I always ping my health/mana pool whenever I hearth so the team can at least know, and yet there are times where the team is blind (or cant read smh) and start pinging me for leaving them.

Like what can I do when I have only 5% mana left and a health pool enough to send me straight to the grave should a diver get to me?


I’m not as strong on it as I used to be, but when I mained support I held a 56% winrate. I stopped maining support because I feel like the role does not have much of an impact on out comes of the game, so I switched to playing bruisers mostly.

Though these days I don’t play as much as I used to, lack of time and I dislike the direction the game has been going.

You don’t know me, so I don’t think that you can have a good idea of what my attitude is in order to make judgments about it, Mr. I’m not judging you but totally am judging you.

You seem to think that just because I can see fault in my teammate’s play that I can’t see fault in my own play and that’s not only wrong but kind of dumb.

You can believe whatever you want though, but I think that if you want to try to prove me wrong, try doing a bronze - whatever your current rank is in solo queue and see how fast you climb.

There’s very few GM healer mains and most of them likely wouldn’t play support to try to climb from bronze back to GM and several pro players who played support on stream have stated that they definitely wouldn’t if trying to climb.

There’s a reason for that and it’s because you don’t have a big impact paying support.


The proper version is: “I can heal wounds, not stupidity.”


As a healing main i go with this saying “i can only heal so much stupid” if you repeatedly die my mana is going to people that will acually use it correctly. I dont care if you report me. I dont care if you yell at me. You get healed when i deem it your turn to get healed.


The best is when they say.
Heal?! because you are out of mana because someone is just to demanding


Pretty true that being a support isnt a fountain. Unless, if your abathur, your then just a very VERY slow fountain.


True, you can’t HEAL stupid, its a wound. It’ll be gaping for sure, but overtime, if cared for, it can slowly close up, and only a scar remains.

Meaning: If you care, and teach them how to mend their own “stupidity”, teaching them and helping them learn, eventually, they’ll be as intelligent as the average person.

They will still be daunted by slow learning forever. (The scar)

You can’t fully cure stupidity, but you can reduce it.


I don’t agree with the reduce stupidity approach. Instead, don’t waste your resources on stupid and kill the stupid on the opponent team faster and more often than they could kill the stupid on your team.

If you have stupidity on your team, CC provides far more value than healing. Even the stupid know to attack the disabled hero right next to them.

People seem to forget that supporting isn’t just about healing. It’s also about macro awareness and the follow up CC to the tank’s CC.

A support player who only stays in the backline and heals people who are already at 70%+ health, wastes all their mana before team fights, and never does any damage or CC is a terrible support player.

Provide CC and damage value most of the time, then have the mana and cool downs ready for clutch heals when it actually matters.

Bad players complain when they suicide and don’t get healed. Good players are annoyed when the support only acts like a walking fountain and doesn’t provide any other utility.

I’m at 70% health and 10% mana. Objective is in 20 seconds. Why are you healing me while I’m backing rather than also backing to replenish your mana?

It’s like some support players want to be pacifist humble potion vendor NPCs who stack their healing stats. The health would have never been lost in the first place if the support actually did some follow-up CC and damage and we got the kill.


All of what you said below this is true. But this I disagree with. If you don’t heal, they die for sure, then you are at a disadvantage, and have less people to heal which makes killing your next target even harder. I don’t WANT to heal stupid people, I just often will if there’s any chance they can make an impact without sacrificing myself. That suicidal player often does do something if they survive longer, and they sometimes survive if you do your job right.

You reduce stupidity by being there. I make stupid mistakes all the time. One game where I was playing Probius, I pushed too far in a solo lane and got cocky. Enemies had rotated to flank me. All of a sudden LiLi comes out of nowhere had apparently left the main group in the middle lane, cleansed me out of a CC, blinded and I was able to zip away, and then she kept body blocking the enemies to take the hits. That LiLi reduced the impact of my stupidity, and for that I got to live, which made the next objective easier to get.

A good healer is often able to anticipate where they are needed to SUPPORT and save. That is absolutely their job. A bad one will just say, well they should just die because they were stupid.

Now weaving in damage, CC, are all part of a supports kit and absolutely critical too in combat WITH your allies. However, bad players often mention killing or mercing in a solo vacuum, and that’s just so wrong for what you do as a support. I would rather heal the stupid person than merc. If I wanted to merc or duel somebody, I would play another role, because that’s not where I’m going to shine as a support.


This drives me insane when I am tanking. I will often ping my mana and start hearthing, so everyone will know I am not there and why. Too many times the healer will start filling up my health bar, for no good reason at all. If I am in voice, I will often tell them to ignore me, as I am either hearthing or using/about to use my self sustain, and they should use the mana on someone who can’t defend themselves as well as I can.


Haha, one of my more memorable times as a healer was when Artanis had trait activated at 50%, and it was like a minigame of trying to heal the Artanis as little as possible. Made you feel so alive to know that they were always on the cusp of dying.


Why on earth would a Shield Surge Artanis…

… need healing?


(And yes, I did kill that Rehgar.)


That’s a “no u” moment right there.


That is too rich for my blood. 50% is one thing, but 25% is pushing it, I don’t ever check for shield surge so I don’t play around it as a healer. It seems to be the popular pick, but personally when I play Artanis I like the extra shield duration and CD reduction from battery.

Also isn’t the vaunted Rehgar supposed to be able to do things by himself?


I generally go Shield Battery if they have lots of DoTs or sustained damage, like a Gul’dan or Lunara, and Shield Surge against burst damage. Since CC/burst comps are popular right now, I mostly go Shield Surge. I also get a sadistic pleasure out of seeing an enemy go after me, assuming I am a free kill, just to turn on them and tear them to pieces, because my trait is up.

This was from before the changes to Lightning Shield and Ancestral. Poor puppy.