Become Unstoppable During the Gladiator’s Medallion Nexus Anomaly

Become Unstoppable During the Gladiator’s Medallion Nexus Anomaly

Break your bonds and unleash your fury with the newest Nexus Anomaly: Gladiator’s Medallion.

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Thx for the Buff to Melee assassins. We really needed that.

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It will be quite interesting to see how long it takes until threads pop up in regards to heroes who were kept in check by CC.


As usual people will weigh their negative experiences a hundred times more than anything else. So if X hero popped their 5 minute CD unstoppable to avoid getting locked down and finish you off then it’s unfair but the 5 other instances when the opponent doesn’t have their Medallion will not matter to them.

I personally expect “nerf X” threads popping up while the same people will complain that Medallion’s cooldown is too long.


Aaand maybe in 24 hours we will be able to play the patch in EU.
Because it is hard to release it at the same time

The maintainence is scheduled 2-4, so rather 8 hours than 24.

The thing is adding this could be good for roles like tank and other frone line heroes to help limit the returns on CC spam. Giving this across the board to all roles will cause problems. I wonder just what kind of nerf they have in mind for it.


Blizzard released a fitting trailer


The times are chosen to be as close as possible to the “Peak” off-peak time on that server.

The goal is to minimize the amount of players they stop from playing.

Give Whiners 1 day, for EU update.

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Why did they use Artanis from Zeratul’s Funeral, it so… unfitting.

Idk, I wasn’t on Zeratul’s funeral.


Sad, i am very sad. Very.

It is very nice and fine,but the cooldown of Medalion so much please decreas it a bit.

I’m glad to see CC get a hard nerf across the board. A gradual “resistance” building up over time to CC chains would have been my preferred method, but this is okay, too.

Might require a bit of rebalancing, especially of heroes who depend too much on their CC for value, but less CC is always good in principle.

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Generaly:Yes,not like Dota2 game,that we see most Mages have more than 6 seconds stun ability.

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Not a fan of things like this because it tends to screw with balance

For example, everyone has a medallion that can instantly nullify Cassia’s valkyrie ult which was already a weak ult

That’s just one example.

Melee Assassin heroes left only 10 heroes as of recently Valeera still want for more buffs.

Not a good idea because it makes late game swings even more game defining when used right. This anomaly essentially makes comebacks more unlikely.

:smiley: the way they are reworking heroes, if Valeera was about to get a rework, she will end up as a range assassin or a tank.