Bartholomew, The Paladin

  • Support
  • Uses Mace & Shield
  • First Talent decides Trait, which is an Aura of either increased Spell Power, Armor, or Attack Speed.


  • Q} Conversion: Cause next Enemy Minion you attack to join your side. (Talent allows Conversion to work in conjunction with Zeal)

  • W} Zeal: Next Basic Attack hits all adjacent Enemies. (Talent increases Dmg. Dealt if only one Enemy is hit)

  • E} Smite: Swing Shield, causing brief Stun. (Talent applies Knockback)

  • R1} Vengeance: Temporarily causes Basic Attacks to Burn (DOT), Electrocute (Reduce Target’s Dmg.), and Freeze (Slow). (Talent increases duration of this effect).

  • R2} Fist Of The Heavens: Cause a holy bolt to descend on target Enemy, which then releases lightning bolts that seem other nearby Enemies. (Talent increases Ability Range & number of Lightning Bolts)

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