Balance of Haunted Mines

Any ideas how thou would change this map?
My options:

  1. Leave only one entrance to the mines.
  2. Remove the mercenary camps, replace them with “passive” ones, such as turrets, or come up with something new, and move them inside the mines.
  3. Decrease the base damage/health of the Golem, reduce the number of skulls or increase the damage of the towers and forts on the Golem.

No that would make it too easy for one team to set traps and destroy the other team

Like imagine Chromie’s Slowing Sands dropped on that point

I vote for removing the Sapper Camps and just putting the usual Bruiser Knights and Siege Giants like how it originally was

The middle gate should also be completely removed just like how it was in the original

This should be left as is because it was what made the map unique

Haunted Mines honestly never had a problem with balance

It was just more objective-focused in comparison to what most players who came from League of Legends were used to(who were the main group of people who whined about it)

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Here thou are right. But what if the standard entrance is replaced with a magical teleport and when players exit of it, they will appear in a random place, and not near the entrance? :))

Remove Sappers, replace them with fortification buffs (hp/armor/shield/dmg reduc on hit) which gets removed after the golem is on its way. Set a timer for the skulls to disappear. Now ignoring obj is painful, you cannot push harder than the boss will, and thus teams are encouraged to go tf in the mines.


That would make the map VERY irritating to play

I love this idea

It made me think that Forts and Keeps should have the Protected Status when the Golem is not attacking them

Good post. Reject modernity, embrace tradition

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They could make it something like ToD where you can only damage the core by doing the objectives/mercs.

Forts, keeps, core receive protected status (front walls don’t). Sappers are changed to some mini miner zombies that will deal damage to them kinda like the sappers, but they need to melee instead of running exploding. Forts, Keeps, Core will have HP like the core in ToD instead of what they normally have.

The objective could summon a Golem with a pickaxe that will deal damage to the structures, walking down the lane like it does now. Only 1 Golem is summoned and the team that gets more skulls will get it.

Maybe doesn’t spawn all skulls at once, but spawn some in random locations and it marks on the map. It could have like 5 or 7 spawn points, the team that gets 3 or 4 gets the objective.

Something like that.

Yeah but that’s already Towers of Doom’s gimmick and it was once Hanamura’s as well

Haunted Mines would need some variety like making the Golems actually necessary to damage all the buildings to make it more unique while also making the objective important as Karabars suggested

Hmm, maybe have small Mercenary Camps hidden within the mines that reward skulls?

Tradition is where it’s at

I miss how fun HOTS was back when I first played

I would love to see Haunted Mines added back to the Versus AI pool. The AI is so broken that unbalanced maps are hardly going to change much.


That’s basically what I suggested, but I added the mercs cause I like to give more options/strategy for teams. I think that’s important, specially if you can’t win fights early game or something like that.

Could just make it so structures have high armor and when the Golem is near them, that armor gets taken away. You can still ignore objective but you won’t just go core if you do, maybe take front wall or something, but definitely not going to push everything like you can now.

Mercs could even stay the same way they are now because the armor won’t let people destroy everything easily.

But what is the point of having Sappers who end themselves to do barely any damage to enemy buildings?


They would still give some exp and do some structure damage.

Seems like Bruiser Knights and Siege Giants would be much more useful in that scenario

Maybe, doesn’t really need to be sappers. It’s just something to do when the objective is not up tbh, like the other maps.

Maybe it could be a special kind of Mercenary that disables the protection on the Forts and Keeps like the Golem Boss would

Man I really wish HOTS was left in the hands of guys like you and me so we could try making changes and see what works

This game is honestly an absolute hidden gem

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If they wanted to save money and time and keep it simple, remove the sapper camp and make it so when the objective pops, all camps disappear and can’t be taken until all skulls are collected.

This would be ideal, maybe one day.



Is such a good idea

Would draw focus to the objective like crazy as it should be

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