Badly coded ai bots


Ai bots on my team act really stupid for some reason. They won’t go to the objective and when they go they just run around. Meanwhile enemy bots “tryhard” with five on the objective and “wrecks” anyone who enters bots “invisible objective area”. This “bug” is for whoever codes ai bots in Hots. I have this feeling that the enemy bots are better at everything. They stick and push together. It is unfair that my bots aren’t even trying to win. Feels like enemy bots are coded to be better which is really stupid. It really doesn’t matter if there are two real players since it is a team game. You can’t win five veteran bots with two real players. Please, fix ai bots.


If the beginner AI is difficult to paste, I do not even want to imagine how boring and frustrating a veteran must be, how long will we have to wait for them to fix another patch? or more than a year like me since the changes became much more boring, please I’m only interested in this game to play VS AI quiet my way, but increasingly boring can not be, I do not care about everything but understand more than a year playing hide and seek with bots that ensima when they stick are broken BORING


Hey IamYozu & JPB,

Thanks for the reports! We are aware of numerous issues currently affecting A.I. behavior. We hope to have this fixed as soon as we can.

We have updated the Known Issues List with the currently tracked A.I. issues. Please let us know if you continue see any issues that are not listed there!

Thank you,
~ Fizivix


I can’t see this on the list:
I just got a quest to play support, and thought I would give it a try. It is impossible. Maybe I could manage if I do a DPS build on a support, but that’s not really the reason to play support. The AI seams to have been coded to stay as far as possible away from me. I end up solo- laning by myself with only minions to heal. Going to another lane to help someone on my team kill someone? Nope! my teammate runs back and hearths right away. Pinging so that they will follow me? They litterally stays as far away from me as they can, if they follow me at all. I pinged my whole team to follow me and the only ally who did just stood next to me while I was dying trying to take a normal bruiser camp. As soon as lane minions came into vision he ran along to kill them. Even though they were double the distance away from him as the camp minions. Leaving me to myself at the bruiser camp, even though I had pinged him to follow me and to take the camp.
What is making me even more furious is that a year ago I never had these problems. They would follow and do whatever I wanted them to do. Now: nothing.
I also found this post, from over half a year ago detailing about the same problems as I have.


The AI doesn’t follow you half the time and when it does it just stands there when you are in combat. It doesn’t respond to pings, hearths for no reason and gets stuck on terrain a lot more than it used to. It was never all that good but now it’s a complete mess. Make sure to get all the errors cause this was supposed to be an improvement and, well, it is not.


A year ago the AI was kinda dumb, but manageable (and somewhat predictable in its behavior). Over the last six months though, it seems like every “improvement” or “fix” just makes it worse. Four months ago bots of either team would just sit in lanes fighting minion waves while their own core is getting assaulted by the entire enemy team. Three months ago they stopped responding to pings. Two months ago they started ignoring objectives or would randomly hearth for no reason. One month ago they started running around in circles doing literally nothing for sometimes minutes at a time. And this is all on “Elite” level.

The frustrating part is this all seems to be vastly more prevalent with allied bots than enemy ones. I live out in the boonies and playing with other people is simply impossible without lagging out constantly, so AI matches are literally my only option (although even that gets pretty laggy sometimes). It’d be frigging amazing if it didn’t seem like all my allied AI players were imitating Carbot while the enemy team is actually playing the game.


It was so much better for the short time where the 9 elite ai would contest camps and roam the map more. This pretend safe lol setup thats’s been going on for a while now where they obsessively defend lanes to the point where they walk away from pushing forts that need to be equalized just to depush something no where near another building is really aggravating. They don’t really do much of anything right. Can’t boss. Hardly camp right in anyway to the point getting a boss or doing giants without the whole team showing up is a miracle. Combined with bugs like where they conveniently don’t cap the Alterac objective (but the opponent ai does?!?) or come to a camp just to do nothing (still happening with illidan refusing to attack camps on sky temple once he takes damage) it’s more aggravation than gameplay.

An ai that is both scared of its own shadow in micro and also can’t macro for much of anything isn’t entertaining for much aside from solo exp farm games where you can pretty much do nothing for 20+ minutes. It’s hard to even contrive a good fight anymore since they stand next to the other team and do nothing (even all mixed 5v5 can be a weird buggy mess of nothing going on) unless it’s a no brain one shot then zeratul or genji is on it like a pro out of no where. Just try playing support a few games. There’s nothing to support other than to stop them from backing every time they take one auto attack.

Then there’s the comps that are some kind of freak show where I know I could almost afk and win because a few mindless pushers vs the do nothing characters on the other team will grind it out with 200k siege and 1 death on sky temple. I hope this isn’t because of replacement ai complaints because it makes ai mode bad and there’s no way a lot of these more skill intensive ai are in anyway useful with the way they play. Making them essentially not even play the game rather than letting people surrender or being harder on quitters is just a bad fix.


can we get the AI code from version 42.2 please? I have never enjoyed the game since 43.0 was released because I only play vs elite AI.


Maybe you should get around to fixing the damned vs AI 4 map rotation bug that’s been around for MONTHS before messing up the AI completely.


I keep coming back to this game every few months in hopes that the AI has improved…disappointed every time. Thought Id come back again for this little cyberpunk event. Even spent a few bucks on for my favorite character that had a cool cyberpunk skin. Then I see that the AI has gotten worse somehow. On the dragonshire map, my whole team flocks to one capture point…and stays there running in circles around the statue for almost the entire game. Luckily, the enemy team did the same thing with the other capture point leaving me to 1 on 1 with a random toon from the other team. That was manageable if not time consuming. And today, Im stuck doing the crappy play as an overwatch character on the garden of terror, and my team will not capture the seed. They will occasionally go to it when I ping it, but then they just stand there bumping into the seed after clearing the little shamblers, while the other team murders me, and then them. Not always in that order. These are really the only two maps I ever seem to get when playing with AI…so having to carry the team when Im stuck with less than ideal quests to complete is not only very frustrating and time consuming, but it really makes just want to say FU and uninstall the game completely and forget it ever existed. Tired of trying to help support this thing the few microtransactions I can afford every now and then only to see it consistently get worse. And im sort of disappointed that I dont see more reports on this. I know there has to be more than a handful of people playing AI and experiencing this. End rant.


hey Icicid, i just want to say you really nailed it in explaining why the game is not fun anymore for me.


We are all still having multiple issues and its april. Please do something about it!!


AI is worse than ever. Constantly running in circles. Doesn’t know to run away when at 2% HP. Doesn’t following pings. Doesn’t know how to use items such as turrets on Foundry. Healers will sit beside you and let you die. How could it have possibly been made worse than what it was before?


I didn’t think it could get any worse, but somehow it did. Now BoE is basically unplayable, because both teams will just turtle up on their immortals and sit there until the heat death of the universe. I guess at least it means I can end the match quickly by solo-pushing a lane until victory, and knock out daily quests faster. And given I get BoE once in every four games, I can grind even faster!