Auto Select - PLEASE protect against NO WARRIOR or NO SUPPORT


The game is gutted, the company gets gutted even more, and they can’t even stick by some of what was splitting the community so hard!

I have taken to playing Random in QM. Please! I do not care who I play. Make me play my most hated, or my worst hero… as long as I end up in a game with ONE warrior and ONE support. Doesn’t need to be a warrior who is on permanent exp increase! I’ll take a Rexxar as I play Tassadar… just please! Sometimes I do not want to play UR or TL, sometimes I just want a little random whatever. Just, not this! If Blizzard was fine with this level of random, I’d deal. I’d say “Let the cards fall where they may.” …except, they haven’t said that. Apparently, every game must meet a stale meta ala League of Legends. So be it! Do it, or don’t, Blizzard. We shouldn’t suffer amazingly long queues for the sake of balance only to suffer the games you decided are “wrong”, just because “no one else is fitting the queue”. I’m not playing random to play bad games. I’m playing random to possibly play a healer when I was trying to queue as a specialist, or play a warrior when the assassin queue is saturated!