Auriel's rating should be "Very Hard"

It takes forever to fill up Auriel’s “Hope” bar, even using the “Bestow Hope” ability. AI Heroes leave the same lane, but then when they get pinged to follow you, they do not attack, thus not filling up their bar.

Having it take 20 seconds for only 475 health when it misses a moving Hero too many times makes it impossible when ALL the talents have to do with DAMAGE and the damage is not even significant.

Useless Hero. 2/10

In my calc, she’s at 51.6% difficulty.
As hard to master than Stukov, but easier than Alex and Whitemane.

Great hero in the right comp, but niche. 6.5/10


Whitemane is CAKE comparitively to Auriel. At least you can AIM.

They both have the same very low win rate when played in the lower league, but WM takes the upper hand when mastered in high elo.

First of all Auriel is dependent on a teammate doing tons of damage. A good battery means you fill up your energy bar constantly. Land those stuns as well. They do a lot of damage, and then you can easily follow up with sweep, for more damage.

Damage is an important part of Auriel’s kit because that’s how you get your heals. No damage means no heals. No heals means no one can get in on damage. So she does struggle in catching back up once snowballed, but played right she can get downright stupid post 16 with healing output. (1500 aoe healing every 4 seconds)

Also if you have a decent player on Lunara, Gul’dan or any other DoT person, do that. Your trait should be on a sustain damage person, and almost never on a burst character.


There are talents that combo to raise damage, even though the damage must be aimed for Whitemane. However, Whitemane has TWO heals and can multi-cast heals in a pinch. On the other hand, Auriel PLODS through her energy-absorption and sometimes the heals miss entirely if the AI runs off.

I’ve found the best way to build energy is to get “empathetic link” and stick it on your tank.


I’ve recently started to utilise this talent. Particularly when I get someone who just dives into the middle of them all and I just keep them alive

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This game isn’t balanced around the AI…


Oof I didn’t see that it was AI. Yeah no wonder OP is having issues. Healing is kinda pointless there.


Your first mistake was to assume your AI teammates would do anything considered competent.

Stick to humans to earn you that “hope”.