At the end of the resistance video, why is Whitemane in silhouette?


Because as of this patch she’s a shadow of her former self…

ahahahahhahahahahahhaahahahha ooooohhohhoo hahahahahahahhahahah.


I thought this won’t be a pun :smiley:

But seriously, I’m thinking about this for a while now. It’s a teaser. But for what? Whitemane skin? Maybe related to these Viper/Resistance skins?


Probably her “spring” skins either Lunar New Year (late ) or
Nexorama 2?


'Member when Blaze punched the screen at the end of the first Viper trailer? I think they’re doing a theme with this.

…Actually, how cool would it be if the next comic story followed the Viper universe? I’d be alright with that.


cuz she lords over all




We’re talking about Whitemane not Flirty Cloud


If it’s the “Baroness”, I WILL LOSE MY $#!T.