Ask Me Anything: HailFall


Yes, its me, HailFall. Certified by THE one and only KRUSHER99 on the Overwatch Forums as a Forum God, former Bronze 5 player, Valeera main, and renowned as “annoying” across the web. Ask me anything you want since everyone else is making these threads now.


Did you like my last picture with yourself?


Why is everyone doing AMAs?

Was Whitemane ruined for you? She feels fine to me. At least not hurt in any way that has anything to do with her actual weaknesses being made worse.


Seriously, do you have a dart board you use to come up with random topics to complain about?


Do transformers need life insurance or Car insurance?


Careful he might get harassed by waffle whatever for a dart board idea.



Hopping on the bandwagon

Haven’t tried W build after the nerfs. Q build at least seems playable still, though probably outclassed by other healers.

No, I usually complain about whatever crosses my mind, which means typically things I recently played as/against.



Personally I only use E build since no real reason to not go it, you don’t need to stand still and it is quite easily managed on your mana bar.


Did you have played Starcraft 1?


When is the last time u played rank mode? What was your rank? (You don’t have to answer this two question)

Why do you choose be a assassin main?
Would you consider choose another role as your 2nd main?


Why do you hate Nova so much and ONLY Nova?


Which is more evil; Humans or Clowns?


I bought the remade version then kind of forgot it existed lol

Idk maybe 5-6 weeks ago? Gold 1.

I just have the most fun playing it i guess.

Yeah, I do enjoy certain healers (whitemane), and quite a few bruisers (dva, dehaka, leoric, yrel)


I dont hate nova :open_mouth: I dont play her very much because I’m not that good at her, but I like her a lot.

Clowns who are not human are all evil, so i would say clowns.


Have you ever consider changing your relationship with the forum for the better and try turning a new leaf to be more open to other opinions and disagreements?


not if that includes hanging onto every last word that comes out of your mouth as objective fact, striker.


Should I file my taxes now or wait until the deadline like most everyone else does?


How do you handle salty complain/advice from someone who is clearly better than you compared to a pleb?


Clowns aren’t human?


I like the fun threads you make, sort of missed you when you weren’t around keeping these forums interesting.

Will we ever get to the bottom of whether GrumpyKitten and Strikerjolt are the same person?
Feels like the same person doing the “good cop, bad cop” routine on top of a High Horse made of Ivory.

What would be the first thing you would do once you arrive in space?

Do you believe science and smart people that blow our minds are awesome?