Artificial Unintelligence


A.I. is supposed to be a way to learn new heroes in game without ruining the game for other players, or for those who like to chill, I find it pretty relaxing. At least, relaxing in other games. In Heroes, The A.I. On the player’s team doesn’t team up for objectives, or even show up half the time.

It doesn’t seem to matter what difficulty they’re set to, so why bother having the mode at all? Instead of offering a mode to players that is programmed not to use basic tactics like going for objectives or teaming up before attacking a boss, just get rid of it. It’s useless if it doesn’t work beyond basic lane pushing.

I’m not asking you to make the A.I. As intuitive as a good human player, just please fix the basics. Seriously, ping a boss and watch your teammates die one by one, every time. It’s embarrassing, from a company that’s been making games for this many decades to not spot that.