Aram's five of the same Hero is back

My favourite 10-same was an all Ming match on the old brawl with random objectives where you could die only once.
It went down like:
5 v 5 → 1 v 5 → 1 v 0
:sunglasses: caw!

My dude! I’ve not got a clue who you are or where you’re from or whether or not you’re even a dude but
you have just given me
a spiritual awakening

oh like that chromie suns out guns out game
i loved that one

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I’m very disappointed! No epic Dragon fights :rage:


I am a dude who is Whitemane at heart.

IDK what I awoke, but glad I could help.


So far i’ve had (3) Zebo matches like this, and (2) Zuljins.

For me, it’s been 2 all Maiev matches, one all Li-Ming and one all Illidan. As much as I can’t and don’t like playing Maiev, that turned out to be the most fun one.

Had a Genji match. Half of the players started afking after two minutes while others force fed to speed it up significantly. 25 minutes later it was still going on but now two of them figured out that Shuriken deal a significant amount of siege damage and started backdooring. No one cared to stop them and was happy to get out without some kind of a penalty. Next time am forced to sit through this I’ll just pull the plug on my internet.


same bestie now and forever

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This is a terrible feature. Both times it happened it was Nova 5v5. Most people complained, some left, no one had fun. BORING.

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You already made a complain thread about this. Leave it there.

after playing a couple of these I would rather not have it, it’s an RNG show, takes away some of the decision making that i Like about Aram

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I just want regular aram, this mode is happening too often. Making me not wanna play anymore :frowning:

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The possiblity for this to happen is regular aram. But I understand if this do happen too often, that’s unfortunate.

I have to yet even see this happening despite playing quite a bit since then: just lucky or has there been an adjustment of the probabbility mentioned somewhere?

It’s supposed to have a 5% chance to occur. But, like all things “random”, individual experience can exceed this number.

What I don’t believe is those who say they have had 10 mirror games 90% of the time, a clear exaggeration.

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It seems to be much closer to 1/10 than 1/20. Combined with the overwhelming amount of other unwanted encounters with afk and trolls it makes you hate the game.

I barely managed to sit through an all Murky match and now I’m greeted by a Valeera and two players who skipped very strong healers on purpose, like neither even bothered to hover over them. Won’t make any difference if I am participating or not so I am now here sharing my experience instead of playing.

(it is two different parties of two players, which probably makes it even worse)

I got my first mirror match after about 30 games or so. Definitely doesn’t happen very often.


A large amount of heroes this could have been fun on won’t get the chance to play in such a scenario because someone thought a game of stacking and endurance (case of healers) wouldn’t be as fun as repeatedly walking into a greater team and often dying so fast you don’t get the chance to cast an ability.

Alex can poke structures with fire.
Ana canceling out heals altogether.
Malf with treant scaling.

Countless other examples of better gameplay with some kind of depth where the game leaves room for error and revolves around something more than quick reaction time. Even with durable tanks, what is preventing you from attacking structures over players? The game will only last for an hour if you let it.

Bruh, like, half the list of heroes it can’t happen with should be on the other list.

Who doesn’t want to see 10 Tassadar’s bringing the thunder, or a bunch of Leoric’s just spending all day bonking each other.
And while a Diablo 5v5 might take forever, the sheer chaos that would come from that 5v5 sumo match would be amazing to watch or participate in. The chain reactions after they all charge in would be quite the spectacle.


You cant take it seriously, but its seriously effing boring xd