ARAM - pick what you want (IMO)

I been playing ARAM and there’s always going to be problems (leavers, AFK/bad players and trolls). It’s just part of the nature of online gaming. In ARAM it’s better to treat it like a game of poker. Wait for everyone else to pick their heroes, then decide. Why show your cards first and pick before you even see what you are getting into? I try to be nice and always pick the best hero (tank or healer usually) for the team ONLY if other people are picking ideal heroes.

However, if someone is going to pick something non-meta that has potential to cause us to struggle I’m definitely not picking a tank or a healer. Like maybe you’ll get a bruiser like Imperius from me if you are lucky. If I see someone picking weird stuff like Murky, Valeera or Samuro then I’ll pick whatever can do damage. Why pick a tank if you got multiple people picking Azmodans and Junkrat b/c OP ranged heroes are easy mode in ARAM? I’m not tanking (getting 5v1ed) while my team stays two screens away from teamfights vomiting ranged skills in enemy direction/padding their damage. I’ll pick something like Tassadar instead.

Choosing a healer or tank in ARAM if you see people picking low tier or trolly picks is just a recipe for a miserable time. I’ll pick what I want. You can leave and get reported as AFK/non-participation if you don’t like it. Thanks!

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Absolutely charming.


I typically try to choose what the team needs or what would gel with the comp we have, however I’m also 100% fine with my teammates choosing whoever they want to play. I don’t really care if someone had the choice of a healer/tank and didn’t choose it, bc I’d rather them play a hero they want then a hero they don’t enjoy. The game is created for enjoyment, and I’m able to enjoy it even if we don’t have a “balanced” comp.

I have to say that I don’t really understand why people are so hung up on tryharding and winning every single match. The people that ragequit or troll over team comps in aram, quite honestly, confuse me. I don’t know who these people are and I don’t understand them. Their emotional investment in a game that literally and ultimately equates to a time sink is baffling to me.

What is disappointing to me is that aram should be a mode where goofy comps can run amok, yet eveyone is hard at work trying to turn it into ranked.


I think its kinda crazy that people like OP just assume you not only know how to play every hero but are also good at them.

Don’t get me wrong, ill take a tank or heals if we need one but if I’m offered a garrosh and a hanzo for example, I know im going to be way more effective on the hanzo.


Aren’t you contributing to the problem by picking last or being salty cause someone picked a non meta hero? Then you decide to troll pick?

Picking first is good cause it lets everyone know the team comp.

So OP is allowed to pick what they want, but other players can’t and he/she reports them?

Dude you’re a player no one wants in this game. Go play a single player game if you can’t handle other players.

You also contradict yourself by stating trolling, afk etc is part of the game yet, you intentionally do it…


What a sour attitude. Recently in an aram I got roasted by my teammates for picking illidan. We ended up winning regardless. Picking a non-meta hero doesn’t matter, if you think it isn’t optimal, why would you intentionally make things worse by not filling?

Make it make sense.

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It’s pretty simple. Either we are all trying to win, or we are just screwing around. In case of the latter - the hero pick is irrelevant.

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So you want to main Nova in ARAM, got it!

It sounds like we were in the same game. I was in a recent ARAM where 3 of the players roasted the person who picked Illidan, but he was a beast. When I looked at his profile he was an Illidan main and Diamond Rank.

I do love that due to there being no MMR in ARAM you can often seen very skilled Master and GM players on their mains with often impressive display of talent you might not encounter in ranked or QM.

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Has it ever occurred to you that some people are better at certain heroes than others? Maybe it looks like they are trolling but in reality that’s the hero they’re best with.

Personally, I’d rather have an illidan who knows illidan than an ETC who doesn’t know ETC.

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Has it ever occurred to you that I “owe you” to pick something as much as you “owe me”? So if you are saying that I shouldn’t judge another player’s pick (because my reasoning could be flawed) then why are you trying to judge mine (whatever the motives behind my pick are) ? There is a nonzero chance that your “troll” pick will result in a win (likely you just getting carried by the fact there is no MM in aram so you could be stomping bronzes as a dia), there is also a nonzero chance that my “troll” pick in addition to your “troll” pick will result in a win, so why get defensive? We all pick what we want, right?

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I’m not judging you for your pick, I’m judging you for your reasoning. It’s childish.

Evaluating the team based on statistical evidence (e.g. Illidan is trash) is childish? I see…


There are two examples in this very thread where illidan was definitely not trash. You believing the stigma that he is trash because he’s a niche hero and mentally giving up because someone picked him is childish. Nice straw man buddy, because that isn’t what I said.

Appealing to examples is the exact “childish” (or rather immature) way of thought. In ARAM Illidan is a below 40% winrate hero with a stellar 3.3% pick rate (oh yeah that includes all those amazing Illidan mains) if that’s not a definition of trash, I don’t know what is. There are only 4 heroes that are below him and all are at 37-39% winrate so that’s as bottom as it gets.
That’s not stigma - that’s data. Btw, love bringing up the strawman when your argument is based on 2 games mentioned in the comments… lol


Ah yes because pick rate means so much in a mode that’s random.

You completely disregarded the fact that especially in ARAM, it’s most likely better to pick a hero you know and understand than a hero you’ve never played even if that hero doesn’t perform well. Throwing a tantrum because someone didn’t pick who you wanted is immature and childish.

Illidan may not be the best in aram, but there’s also a stigma attached that paints him as a troll hero, which is why many people like you would would take it as “he’s just trolling”.

If you are going to whine, piss and moan about losing due to your team comp, wouldn’t you want to do what would help your team win? Or would you just not care anymore and do whatever?

If it’s the latter, you are in no spot to sit here and complain about what others picked especially when you’re not willing to make adjustments to help your team.

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Team comps should not matter in ARAM. You dont play that game mode to win but to mess around with different comps that are not meta. When I play ARAM I pick what I want cause I dont owe my team anything. If people want meta comps then ranked is that way :arrow_backward:

Forcing people into tank/healer roles is just arrogant. Sure it lowers your chances to win but winning a game in ARAM should not matter. Just like it does not matter if you win or lose in a board game you are playing with your family.

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I do too. The thing is this OP is upset because people are picking whatever which to him has “potential to make the team struggle” and proceeds to pick whatever because of it.

Imagine if his teammates hadn’t picked “troll heroes”. Would he now want to cooperate with his team? Probably. What I am saying is immature and childish is the loser mindset of “you’re not helping the team win so why should I?”. I pick whatever I want in ARAM, but I’m also not whining and throwing a tantrum because someone picked a hero I don’t want on my team.

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Honestly Nova with the right build is pretty solid in ARAM. Her Q build can be pretty brutal late game if you land them.

She is the only solid stealth hero. Zera and Val are highly dependent on the comp. Nova can get value in basically any comp.

The comp really matters. If you aren’t making a meme comp, why are you even here?
2 Uthers 2 Kts and a Deathwing? YASSSSSSS

Win or lose I love me a good meme comp in ARAM.

It is the latter as I stated earlier - “either we are all trying to win, or we are just screwing around.”

And I didn’t complain about anything, you were the one who did while responding to the op saying he has “sour attitude” and asking to “make sense of it”. I just explained the reasoning. Then you came up with personality evaluations like “childish”, etc even though your reasoning has zero basis or tie to reality (see next on that).

It’s not a fact, it’s just something you made up, you have zero evidence of that.

Again, it’s not a stigma, this time it IS a fact and is based on statistical data. He’s a terrible hero in ARAM. He’s actually above 50% in SL and QM, which makes sense given his mechanics.

So picking a hero I’m best at is “screwing around”? If I pick illidan because he’s the only hero out of the 3 that I know and understand am I automatically not trying to win?

Yes I did because assuming someone is not trying to win because they picked a hero that’s suboptimal (but the one they’re actually best with) and “not try to win” themselves because of it is a childish mindset.

It’s a fact that it’s most likely the case when someone picks a sub optimal hero. Not everyone is a troll. It makes sense to play heroes you know in any other mode. Why would aram be different? Unless it’s a cheese hero why would I pick Diablo or Ana when I don’t know them at all over a hero I do know like Nova or Illidan? If my goal was to win why would I pick a hero I don’t know over a hero I know? It makes no sense to do that. Yet when someone does do that others assume they’re trolling.

You aren’t getting what I’m saying. The stigma surrounding him isn’t because he’s bad in aram but that like heroes like nova or murky or tlv, he is a niche hero. Have you seriously not ever seen people complain about when their teammates hover those heroes in ranked?

That’s where the stigma comes from. Those types of heroes are usually the scapegoat as to why losses happen instead of heroes like Sylvanas or Jaina who are pretty decent in many scenarios.

In aram, if someone sees their teammate pick illidan I’m pretty sure their first thought is “this guy must be trolling” similar to the same “sighs” people have in ranked when they’re hovered. To stop trying because of that is what I’m saying is childish.

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