ARAM in brawls for ever


So what’s happened with Hots. I remember when the first brawl cames out that they say we will have some crazy, funny and diferent kind of gameplay, but now its always ARAM, and I don’t think that its even a good one.


They talked about it in the last AMA.

Check out more about the AMA here: Summary of the AMA on March 6, 2019


Full aram que so no more aram brawl every week!



The best they could make is make a aram mode for those who enjoy it and other type of brawls. Thanks Darak for the info, i don’t follow the AMA so i didn’t know all of that.


yes please, separate ARAM queue that is not time limited

for brawls use special and unique maps only, not necessarily a new one every week, maps like the zerg scenarios, summer pool party etc.

regular maps such as cursed hollow with winter skin are somewhat fun, but most of the current brawls like the one where it’s a 10 specific hero deathmatch are nothing more than AFK fest with attack move command, no fun and players just want them to end fast


ARAM means “All Random”. The current single lane brawls are not all random…

They are “shuffle pick”.

They are giving us mostly shuffle pick single lanes because that is what people have been asking for, for years. Now I do miss the rocket racing, or the COOP defence/escape ones, but I find the single lane ones far better than the arena ones. Which would you prefer?


Thanks for the info Dar
I love the ARAM-ish brawl but I do miss the arena brawl the only downside to that one for me is some heroes flat out don’t do well with no talents and some ults aren’t made for what’s going on in an arena brawl and yet these heroes are still allowed to be picked.
Anyway I vote they make what we have now as ARAM in lobby mode solo que-able and just take out the brawl version of it since really people want to solo que up for ARAM and not need to lfg out in chat and set up a lobby for it first.
With a true ARAM being its own thing they can let brawl cycle with w/e since everyone has their favorites from it.


This is the 3rd week in a row for ARAM, but the 2 weeks before that weren’t… so only 3 of the last 5 weeks have been ARAM.


I hope ARAM gets it’s own queue as well, but I’m glad we’re seeing the unspecial brawls get phased out to make room for the truly unique ones. Regular matches with a cheap gimmick or “everyone is Hammer/Nova/Azmodan” weren’t all that fun.


It would really be nice if they could give more of a choice for Brawls. For example a coop choice, a single lane choice, an arena choice, etc.


The whole “Everyone’s the same hero” thing can go DIAF
It’s just painful on some heroes UGH! Even one lane brawls isn’t safe from it. I’m grateful we never got something like an all Lt. Morals one…just shoot me if that ever happens xD


Well you can see, for example, the tavern brawls in hearthstone. They’re always different with different kind of play.

These are some ideas an user made:


as someone who ONLY plays aram i am very happy with having it all of the time!
though i do think that it should get its own queue because there are people who want the silly game modes that brawl offered.


I’d prefer the quick Brawls (Collecting 100 seeds, Dealing 100 statue damage, Trial Grounds etcetera) ONLY. I just hate these Single Lane brawls that crop up far too frequently these days. I refuse to play them even though I’d like to get the Loot Chest.

And why? All they do is distill one part of an actual game (team fighting) until it results in tedium. It’s just stupid design. I enjoy teamfighing when it occurs in proper games. I DO NOT want a mode where that’s all we do for 15 minutes. Oh, and we have to complete more than one run for a weekly chest - NO THANKS.


In my opinion ARAM should be in every second week, alternating with the other brawls