ARAM All One Hero?

Played an ARAM last night where the entire game was Lunara. Only Lunara. It was hell… or purgatory… or the feeling of evacuating your bowels but you feel like there’s still something left and you sit there for 15 minutes waiting for the second wave.

45 minute ARAM. Just, no.

Is this normal?? A bug?

Despite playing a lot of ARAM i´ve never seen this, so it is at least not common. If it is a bug i can´t say.

Sounds like a lot of fun to me.

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I was really tickled at the beginning.

After the 7th team fight where everyone on both teams died and we watched creep waves push for 40 seconds… kill me.

Not a bug. The dev added it back due to player demand.


This existed before? Wow… I’ve played for a while (albeit off and on) and I’ve never seen this.

It happened rarely. I THINK the odds were 5% but I’m not sure. I don’t know what the chances are now.

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sometimes in a dying (dead) game all we have is memes, not unlike our society

It used to happen back when ARAM was still rotating brawls. I remember having a miserable all-Valeera arena match.

some brawls were more likely to have it than others too.

granted, the all-nova map is obvious, but there was a specific map that had the highest frequency of ‘all the same hero’. I don’t remember the name, but it was a brawl were players only had one life, items were scattered across the map, and after 2 min or something a volskya mech would spawn. However, from my experience, people just rushed mid and died before the rest of the map opened up, so it wasn’t that memorable a gimmick by way of fun/exciting matches.

I just had a match that was all Zebos!

At one point everyone was trying to summon zombies at once. It was like an OCEAN of Zambies in the middle of the screen! It got pretty crazy.

Then level 10 rolled around and the Gargantuan’s popped up. There was a point where i was trying to go forward and had to watch my step because i kept bumping into these damned things. I was 1/3rd health and didn’t want to get hit needlessly. It was kinda nerve-racking haha.

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My first match with all heroes

Ming… my god it was annoying

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Hey at least it wasn’t Nova.


The first one I had was all Lunara as well. 30 minute slog. My team and I eventually just ran it down on the buildings until we finally won since our “team fights” typically always ended with 9 or 10 players dead. Won’t be entertaining that non sense again.

That will be the worst! Ming doesn’t seem all that bad now haahaha

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Mine were Nova duplicates (three games w/ Nova now…boring), Alarak (I alt f4ed after giving it a chance - everyone was bored) and now Probius (alt+f4 before it started)

I’d rather be in leaver queue than play a long match I don’t enjoy or didn’t ask for. Shoulda made this optional. Many players are mad and doing the same thing as me.

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The funny part is, this whole saga says more about the average Reddit user than Bzzzd, rofl.

Damn. I personally dislike that these all one hero games were added. I only play hots for the aram, but seeing all the same hero throws me into full gamer rage. They’re not fun to me. I don’t like the lack of choice and they feel like they (and often do) drone on for longer than a typical aram. Maybe it would be less boring if the enemy team was a different hero, and/or if each team voted between three heros to all play as. Maybe these ideas are trash, idk, I’m just an idiot with a keyboard. I just know that getting 10 of the same hero feels dookie.

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And this is why I am against this change too despite ARAM not affecting me personally

The players need to be given more choices on how they want to play their games rather than having the choice being made for them

The only “choice” that people who dislike “One for All” have at the moment is to either play through a game they don’t like to finish or rage-quit

And that’s hardly a choice at all because you are either in the frying pan or in the fire