Apple M1 and Rosetta 2 support

I know it is a bit early to ask this, because the units are going to ship soon, but I just wonder if Rosetta 2 emulation and the M1 graphics cores are capable to handle the load of HotS?

If someone bought a unit I would be very pleased if this could be shared here.

I also consider to get a Mac with M1 but also may get only the Air if the GPU is powerful enough.

Thanks in advance


I’m also interested in this topic! It looks like WoW got M1 support from the start.


I have an M1-based MacBook Air, and I can confirm that:

  • Heroes runs under Rosetta2 without any crashes or glitches
  • The GPU is clearly fast enough for Heroes on medium settings, even when throttled on the Air
  • There are some stuttering issues

With most graphics settings on medium, running at the native display resolution (2560x1600), I mostly get between 40 to 60 FPS in the match I played so far (Tomb of the Spider Queen, players vs. bots).

I did notice some significant stuttering about once a minute. I don’t know if this is the Rosetta2 JIT running, or if it’s the shader compiler running. It may get better over time; I haven’t played enough to know for sure. Right now I don’t know if I would play a competitive match given the stuttering.

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I noticed also some stuttering on my Intel based MacBook Pro 15 (2016) but it went better when I played some more matches.

Anyway thanks a lot for sharing this information.

I am very happy that buying M1 is an option for me, now.

Hope that HotS also receives native support, soon.

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Not the MacBook Pro, but the Mac mini which uses the same chip(8GB RAM). Runs high at 1440p okay(30-60fps) depending on what’s on the screen. Runs 1080p fine at high(mostly 60fps). Shouldn’t have any lag at all at medium. Very impressive for integrated graphics running a game through rosetta.

I’ve found issues with ability area indicators not showing up, and ctrl-option-f not showing the FPS indicator. Anyone else have these issues?


I have an MacBook Pro 13" M1 8GB RAM.

Game runs fine on medium settings.

Only problem/glitch I have is you don’t see ability projections on the ground. So you can’t see where apocalypse, blizzard, boss slams, hanzo arrows, etc. will hit. You just have to guess lol. Anyone know how to fix this?


Sounds good to me! My MBPR13" has arrived, but I had no time to test HOTS yet. From what you describe, the performance sounds like what my 16" i9/32/5500m can to on OSX :smiley: - but without he heavy fan noise and heat.

I can’t wait for a native arm build. Other programs lose half performance through rosetta and even so HOTS runs great. I would be willing to test if it becomes available on PTR.

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Hey there! I just got my M1 MacBook Air, and I can’t get HotS to work. Every time I launch the game from Battle.Net launcher, the game attempts to load (bouncing in dock) and then proceeds to crash. I get an option to submit a report afterward so I’m assuming something is going wrong. Any advice? I’ve done all the usual uninstall, restart, wipe comp, etc.

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I can only recommend upgrading to the 11.1 beta. It did work on my initial 11.0 install with no issues. I still have the issue where sprays and game world ui do not show up.

I also have the same issue and zero idea how to fix this. Changed graphic settings but nothing worked :frowning:

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I also have a M1 MacBook Pro 13 - 16 / 512, now.

I guess this is an issue in the calculation where the ground effect markers should be placed.

I am guessing of two reasons:

1 This could an issue in Rosetta 2 which translates those calculations into AArch64
2 This could be an issue in the game which does a failure calculation against the Metal API

2 is not very likely because it would also fail on Intel Architecture then.

I guess this should be showcased and reported back to Apple.

There is nothing we can do until the issue is fixed - either by fixing the calculation or compile the game to run native against AArch64.

So you think we should be reporting this to Apple?

Don’t see them fixing this for such a small community of M1’s who play Hots lol

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Not we should report it back. But anyway the numbers of M1 users will grow because of the transition and I guess they are going to fix this in the near the future.

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Tried on Mac mini with 8GB ram. Using default settings (high) at 1080p, it had some frame dropping when there was action on the screen. On medium, it ran at full frame rate, but had ~.5s freeze-ups a lot, and some graphical glitches, particularly when panning around the map. I was vikings, and the game would freeze up when I jumped around the map to different vikings. I suspect it was due to lack of video memory, and textures were being cached. I turned down the texture detail, and tried again. Seemed to run smoothly, but skillshot indicators were mostly invisible, except I noticed an indicator showed up as I was destroying the core on Volkskaya. I think there was a hole in the ground texture near the core, and an indicator appeared below the ground. So it might be a z ordering issue with the indicators and ground textures.

Same problem :frowning:

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The game runs great for me on my M1 MacBook Air. Smooth at 1440p and even smoother at 1080p. The key is to turn down the Texture Quality setting to “medium”. At “high”, you will get stutters.

To deal with the missing ground shot/AOE indicators, I just pick heroes that don’t rely on them too much, like Diablo.

Of course, you’ll still get crap from your teammates for looking like an idiot when fighting the bosses in Battlefield of Eternity, or “stand in my green circles for heals you idiot” etc… so it’s a frustrating bug.

Hey could you please share all of your settings (some screenshot or something)? i get massive stutters in the beginning of the game, when the minions and characters are entering the lane (especially in aram). When i start messing with the resolution and and fullscreen vs windowed(fullscreen) the game is slowly starting to stabilize. Is it possible that on some maps game is more laggy?

But then it does not run great, if you can’t see any ground effects and keep getting stunned or killed by them.

Please, no point sugar coating the situation with words like “It’s great, except this one big glaring problem that pretty much ruins the game”.

It’s not great. The Mac client is abandoned.
I’m just giving up playing on my M1 Mac and making a PC for gaming. I’ll keep the Mac for everything non-gaming related.

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Come on… Heroes of the Storm is still the best (because most fun) game of its kind.

Blizzard has deliberately slowed down the update cycles on this one, but if anyone it’s Blizzard who I assume would come up with support for new platforms / OSs first.
They did so with their cashcow WoW, and Hearthstone already runs great on the M1 MacBook Air.

Can’t wait to see how a M1-compiled HotS will run like. It will be NICE!
Apart from that glitch that is indeed game breaking, the performance on my M1 MacBook Air is already on par with my 2015 iMac 27" with discrete AMD graphics card.

Blizz, please give us that M1-update! :kissing_heart: