Apocalypse (Diablo) radius is smaller than its outline

There can be a hero collision overlap with Apocalypse without triggering a hit. The visible red radius is roughly 10% larger than the actual radius of the Apoc.

I’m trying to append pictures but I have to find out how.

Edit: Cannot append pictures or link to an upload.

Edit2: Circumventing this by saying that if you go to Imgur, I dumped pictures of Azmodan getting hit (or not) by Apoc at “a/HXc2bkK”.

How to replicate:

  1. Have Apocalypse cast on you.
  2. Move out of Apocalypse until your hero collision only overlaps ~10% of the Apoc rune.
  3. Apocalypse will proc if you are slightly deeper. Will not proc when you are overlapping only with the outside ~10%.

In a proper debug environment:

  1. Create an Apoc target / make a Hellgate spawn at a fixed location.
  2. Place dummies and offset them by varying amounts from (apoc radius) to (apoc radius + collision radius), check if the visible Apoc matches and dummies start at the outside radius and end when the dummy collision box stops intersecting the outside radius.
  3. The only dummy that should not be hit is the furthest away that has no intersection with the Apoc.
  4. Several dummies will not be hit, indicating that the radius is smaller than the visible rune OR there is a visible offset between expected dummy placement and actual dummy placement.