Anyone else getting a "Nexus Barfed" error

Tried every server, none seem to be working…

I can honestly say I’ve never seen a “Nexus Barfed” error. If you have this specific error please screenshot it for our amusement.

I think you mean the game modes won’t load? Sometimes this requires you to restart your computer or simply shutdown the game and client and restart.

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Nope… it’s an Error when you try to log in, and I’m guessing it timed out. It they says “the Nexus Barfed” in red letters. Then it tells you to come back later and maybe go make a sandwich or something.

Alright, probably best to post about this in Tech Support.

I haven’t gotten it, but I have seen others post about it.


lol! Well I’ve never had that one before, thanks for posting.


For anyone wondering, the solution was for me to bounce my modem. It seems that an intermittent connection causes this issue. Once I reset the modem, the problem went away.

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“Nexus Barfed”

Well played, devs, well played. :joy:


Wow. If I hadn’t seen it I would have thought this was trolling lol.

Incidentally, just hours ago HotS crashed saying the core was out of memory. I don’re recall the game crashing ever before today.

I haven’t had such a crash and my search to see if others had issues lead me to the time when support for the 32-bit version was dropping support. Clearly HotS is getting ahead of the game curve and will demand more bits for its bytes (a play on “more bang for its buck”


Sounds to me that the nexus is a cat that throws up hair balls from time to time

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Cat Couple Having Romantic Movie Night - YouTube

Fake or not. I love it !


the nexus is just sick, tell her to get well, i promise you she will get well soon