Another terrible QM experience


Just of the many daily terrible games, a 9 min que where the other team had a healer and we didn’t, this is happening on a daily basis.

This was my second game of the day. Yesterday I had another similar game only after a few games as well.

Kel Thuzad, Yrel, Mephisto, Sonya, Abathur


Butcher, Tychus, Morales, Nova, Tracer

I can only assume this is not supposed to happen therefore a bug.


I’m sorry for the frustration being caused Yaya, and the extended wait times.

9 minutes is a pretty extensive wait for most players, and by that point our system has very likely abandoned its attempt to get you into a ideal composition (and it should be communicating as much down at your estimation), over getting you into a match as fast as possible. That said at that point, the composition you faced would not actually be a bug.

That said, thank you for bringing your experience to our attention. We’d love for any feedback you have on the current system over at the General Forums.

Happy Hunting!