Anduin's talent Blessed recovery bug


Hello everyone,

I tried this talent in try mode and it seems that only the ennemy hero’s damage activates it : turrets plus minions don’t proc it.

Either it’s a bug or it’s intended this way. In that case, it would be nice to include the rule on the talent’s description.

But ty for bringing anduin on the battlefield. I can’t wait to see him on live.


Hey Tcheuck,

Thanks for the report! Are you sure that Anduin is receiving more than 8% of his maximum HP as damage in one hit? I was able to get this talent to proc from both Mercenary and Turret/Fort damage.

~ Fizivix



It’s true that I’ve only tried to take two tower hits at once without mercs to add to the damage count : it just seemed weird to me that the arthas bot procced the talent with only one death coil when two tower hitting me at once plus minions couldn’t

But good to know that I might be wrong :slight_smile: