Anduin - Renew [Q] - Heroes add up

I suppose that this talent should restore health to only one hero in the future, but after using it on themselves, on an ally, on a dummy, they all received the effect of infinitely healing (refresh aa), and not the last hero who received it.

Level 16

  • Renew [Q]
    • Moved from level 1.
    • New Functionality: Flash Heal heals for an additional 130 over 5 seconds. The duration of this heal is refreshed each time Anduin hits an enemy Hero with a Basic Attack.

That’s a function of the talent not a bug.

I can understand the confusion, since the old way that Renew worked was to only affect a single cast. But now it is built into the heal (once you take this talent), so every cast of it will have the extra healing over time, and as such each one currently active will be renewed (hence the name) when attacking heroes.

Think of it as a mini Malfurion now :slight_smile: