Anduin - brace yourself, unpopular opinion(s) is coming


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You did your homework. So, you would definitely recognize the number I mentioned. Yet, you still question the source of it. Isn’t that the doing of something, in your own word:

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should be a shield on explosion like a mini ancestral and stun, no damaged heroes modifier


Apparently your arguments are no longer about discussing the topic. But has gone straight into personal attack and insult.

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I think Anduin is one of the more beautifully designed heroes I have seen in a bit. I feel like overall he is pretty balanced.

I have not played with the other ult, but HWS seems balanced to me. Its not meant to sit there and channel for the full 3 seconds. Its meant to turn around a team fight and stop a wombo combo from happening.

HWS could easily and quickly become game breakingly good.

The only complaint I have for Anduin is not having a skin with a 1h mace, staff, or even a dagger because having played a priest for 8 years in wow I feel weird priesting with a 2h sword lol


I really love playing Anduin tbh


HW:S resets D cooldown and D can be cast while channeling


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Many time, I’ve seen people using D, then activated Salvation. There you go, a hero in critical condition is now good as new. Resetting D with Salvation is overkill, let alone allowing it to be cast, again, while channeling.


Yeah, only to interrupt a wombo compo his 0.5 sec casttime on Salvation makes it impossible to react in time … maybe so save a Malthael Last Rites target is is okay, but why do we need an AoE protect for that? Just pick Medivh with his point an click basic ability shield. And since Salvation get’s that easily interrupted, you can’t use it for anything else than baiting a stun /displacement … trading a heroic for a basic ability in most cases - not worth it.


Yes, it drives me nuts.


It’s not a cleanse, but a pull with unstopable attached to it in order to make it do its function properly, similar to Anub’s burrow.
And just like Anub’s burrow, you don’t use Anduins trait the way you’d use a cleanse, because they are vastly different.


Well… You kind of do use then the same way. To save from a CC chain.


Splitting hairs at this point.


Andy’s standard kit with talents is way too good for him to have badass ults. His healing ranges are very nice keeping him very safe in most fights.

The only significant changes on his ults should be on lightbomb to increase it’s radius.

I have such an easy time healing with him that I no longer have a need for Whitemane as my all purpose messy healer.

Let’s see:
-Tons of move speed buffs after lvl 15.

-Excellent mana management. (Way better than Whitemane)
-Heals from auto attacks and cast healing.

-Unlimited range on flash heal once cast. (So a butcher takes off and you start the flash heal, no matter how far away that butcher is, the heal will hit him. all you have to do is start the cast. That’s pretty powerful in itself.)

-Powerful trait ability that saves lives really well.

-Plenty of stalling and defense abilities if someone dives him.

The guy is a jack of all and master of none, but the stuff he does do he does it nearly perfectly. So why do we want to buff his ults and bring him into a state of being overpowered?


because he’s not as good as you think. His heals are “meh” too, and his cc is underwhelming. Compare Anduin to Deckard … hard to land single target root vs. easy to land AoE root + slow, … insta 270 heal for 25 mana vs 260 heal for 30 mana with casttime. Yes, at leats Anduin has a little 2nd heal but that’s just compensation for the missing slow. … On top of that come a good AoE sleep to start wombos or usefull displacement tornado, vs a low impact shield/stun and a barly valuable (because easily interruptable) AoE heal/protected.


Sure, if your only using Flash Heal and Star, it’s okay, but you really need to weave in basic attacks to really get the most out of the kit.

The larger the radius the more busted this ult gets. It already works nicely with Bruisers like Imperius, having the radius bigger would make it stupid broken.

Actually Whitemane wrecks Anduin at damage and is better in teams with less of a front-line. Anduin only excels when his front-line is stronger than that of his enemy, because if gives him room to to weave in basic attacks and be able to save allied bruisers/tanks from heavy engages. Whitemane is better in any comp asides those that run literally three other melee characters (in Anduin’s case, that’d be two warriors and a bruiser/melee assassin, prefereably)

You’ve got your choice between a movement speed that only benefits if your teamates are cautious and you don’t have to leap them out after they get an aggressive pick, and you never want to be in that place as Anduin. Divine star movement is pretty bad, and damaging heroes, which requires insane aggression. Tons =/= One.

Very true, he does have much better sustain healing than Whitemane. Post about level 7, mana is hardly an issue even if your pumping heals into someone around the clock. This is one of Anduin’s strengths, low but consistent healing.

Same of most channels tho. Once you’ve begun casting Pyroblast, you’ll cast it unless your interrupted. Again, this is slightly mitagated by the fact that Flash Heal is a pretty small heal.

Yes. This trait however is a heroic level cooldown.

This is dead wrong. If some one dives him, then he’ll be, okay. But being dived by more than one hero is usually instant death if you’re not well coordinated with your team (and even if so, usually is quite dangerous.)

You see, all of the character he neatly counters with his trait? Are some of his best counters. You see someone getting hooked and you can save them, but if you get hooked your almost certainly dead. Garrosh throw? Not an issue unless our the victim.

And this is why this character requires a strong frontline. Not only does that strong frontline synergize well with Divine Star, but it’s also necessary that the enemy team doesn’t notice the Anduin subtly keeping everyone alive, peeling with Chastise, or light-bombing the Varian. He’s a fantastic character in his niche, and probably one of the few that synergizes so well with tanks and bruisers (they might as well have given him % healing lol–oh wait…) but outside of that niche, he’s really really bad. To which I reply,

He has a nice fluid and easy to understand kit, but he himself is not a jack, nor is he a perfect healer. His ults however, are not amazing. One simply is a magnet to that life ending displacement that counters Anduin himself so much (HW:S), and the other, while okay in the mean time, is entirely reliant on team coordination.

Currently, Anduin is sitting on a 46% winrate. This isn’t great, but it’s less the fact that Anduin is poorly balanced but the fact that brawly comps (or as my overwatch friends would call it, GOATs) are heavily punished by the meta picks, Azmodan, Kaelthas, Orphea, and the primary healer, Ana.


Deckard’s root has a 6 second longer cooldown, and is extremely telegraphed.
He doesn’t have an aoe slow but his other ability is does more damage and then heals in an aoe.

Deckard needs to take Ruby, which most don’t, or potion of Revival for aoe heals. Oh and Ancient Blessings but that only benefits allies who can safely auto-attack.

Holy Word just needs a larger area, or longer duration, so you can use it from the backline rather than sitting in the middle of the clusterF----
Lightbomb should provide movement speed, or have longer range, so you have more viable targets.


Maybe Bliz thought it was so strong that it didn’t need a level 20?!