Anduin. A priest play style finally hits the nexus


I think Anduin is one of the more beautifully designed heroes I have seen in a bit. Its pretty cool to capture a priest feeling in an MOBA and kick around some flash heals and some chastises, and to be able to get a little wow pvp fix that I miss from not playing in a while.

The only complaint I have for Anduin is not having a skin with a 1h mace, staff, or even a dagger because having played a priest for 8 years in wow I feel weird priesting with a 2h sword lol

But thats a small complaint as overall pretty awesome job dudes on this hero imo.


It’s the sound effects that get me. Nostalgia for the heal sound.

Him wielding a sword is a bit bothersome. I think he has a joke about it if you click on him. He also asks that you ignore the fact hes wearing plated armour.


Tyrande disliked that


Yeh he seems legit. If he’s a priest healer then I just wish he didn’t have a sword that he didn’t use much. If he did, maybe he could’ve used it a bit more. Also in the wow cinematics, he came across as inexperienced- but a boy growing up to be a man. His design here fits the criteria of a pretty boy or something else lol. The thing is, he’s so different from his dad.

Anduin: “I will show you the light!” <3 [prances and heals]

Varian: “I’m going to colossus SMASH dat booty” [smashes treasure chest]


Well tell Tyrande she is a nature priestess while Anduin is a priest of the light so get over herself and learn to be a real priest and not some pagan nature worshiper.



Holy: Anduin :blonde_man:

Discipline: Whitemane :woman_white_haired:

Shadow: ? :alien:


I always tried to imagine how Tyrande would’ve looked in a multiclass concept (vestal/ranger) and I honestly expected them to go for that route in at least one of her reworks.


Natalie seline, probably.