And the next hero is....?

It’s true and awful. Truly awful.

Zoltun Kulle or Anduin!



Leaks already shown something about Anduin, next pls.

Still got my fingers crossed that the Anduin leak was legit.

If not that, then plz be Sombra that’s all I’ll ever need Blizz.


:skull_and_crossbones: JOHN CENAAAAAAAAAAA:skull_and_crossbones:

I read that as a confirmation for Anduin (as the “leak” was shortly before), but not as next hero:

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he even said light of day, so he’s definitely talking about him

We have a chance for Moira as next hero finally. :pray:

The chance is always there in principal. Maybe we will get a teaser today and know more, but my guess is rather end of next week.

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I’m going to say Mei in honor of Copypastable. I miss his posts (well not the Mei spam) he made me laugh!

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Where is that sexy faerie dragon?

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All of those ‘concerns’ were already debunked many times over.
There are no issues with DW being in this game (heck, it could encourage people to return to it).


I think its just meaning that he is in the pipeline, since we know hero development takes months in advance, so wouldn’t be surprised if there are other candidates put forward before him.


I have a feeling it will be another brightwing hero.

Entrails x Entrails = Entrails^2

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So for Alexstraza, we knew we wanted to go with something that was a dragon aspect again. We get asked for Deathwing all the time. Deathwing is something that we’d want to be this big dragon all the time, which is just really, really difficult. So Alexstraza let us get the balance of fulfilling that dragon fantasy, and at the same time introducing a really interesting new support mechanic.

I would like to remind you that they reduced many hitboxes a while ago. Who knows.

Says me who is asking for the zerg structure.

Man I’m tired of waiting. Tell us who it is blizz :unamused:

it’s a batch of severance checks.


If Ridley can get into smash then Deathwing can get into Hots

Heck we have Alexstrasva

I don’t understand why people say Death wing can come in when we already have 1 dragon aspect in the game

Hope the hero reveal comes fast