Ana's Q doesn't show crit, and trait doesn't show duration, since the last patch

  1. Her Healing Dart’s numbers don’t crit anymore. They should crit when
  • You heal an ally that was hit by Biotic Grenade
  • You remove an ally’s root or slow with Purifying Darts
  • you have Sharpshooter stacks

Those crits allowed me to better see whether I was timing my shots correctly, to avoid shooting my Q right before my W landed, etc

  1. Her trait no longer shows its duration on enemies
    This indicator really helped me with keeping the stacks up on enemies as much as possible with as little risk as possible. That’s important for Ana’s self-sustain, and talents like Mind-Numbing Agent.


Thanks Quazer! We have some tracking in for this issue (which is active for a number of healing abilities across Heroes).


thank you, while the rest of the company has been horrible with the communication, you’ve been doing a fantastic job on the hots forums lately, especially on the ptr forums