Ana level 100 - Finally!


And i’m here with 700+ games on BW and still only lvl 78 on her. But most of my games was on her was also pre-hots 2.0 were heroes only could lvl to 25 as cap.
Also GZ on the lvl 100 well done.


Congratulations! Enjoy flaunting that mastery taunt.


Mother knows best


congratulations :smiley: !! thats always great to see others players reach that awesome point with their character ! good job !




All grenade build, don’t miss Q. Congrats you won all draft modes by default.

Spoiler alert, her changes made her the best healer in the game right now. Probably better than Rehgod


Considering Ana is one of the worse healers in the game, hopefully u were on the other team with her when i was ranking. LOL.


Congratulation on the 100, it feels good after hitting the one oh oh. The question is, if you’re going to go further?


Congratulations Syrnis! Now, when is that Ana guide?


Not unless they decide to move up Dynamic optics to an earlier level just to break her, that way she’ll really be on par with him having dueling potential + wave clear :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah Rehgod is still a class on his own, basically a completely self-sufficient hero (but hey Ana does come close to it with Dynamic Optics at 20 although that is really late game – but the spike in hero damage and siege damage is crazy good).


I give this guide a 3.5/10 for trying.




I started playing last year and only have one hero at level 15… How does exp per level work anyway? Is there a max amount of exp per level after a certain level?


After a certain point (level 5 iirc) every level takes the same amount of exp; before that it slowly increases towards that amount. That would fit with getting matched with significantly lower than usual MMR players before you hit lvl 5 in QM.


Thou are not alone. I seen by last week 2 people with 95 lvl of Ana. I thinking they are already reach 100 level too.


Then you have never been against a good Ana. Says something more about you then about this Ana onetrick


704 games? 20% win rate? :slight_smile:


i just dont like what they have done to her trait now. the addition of aim down sights integration to give her piercing was completely unnecessary. so i have pretty much dropped her now. i like quicker reaction time than just waddling around.

still doing good with morales and alex though.


I just went to the Hots wiki and it says that the xp required to level maxes out at 12 with 1.2 million xp needed to level up. Looks like after 12 you only need the same amount of xp for each level. That’s good because I thought it continued to scale.


Thanks everyone for your kind words!!

I will see if I can make a guide on Ana somewhere today or this week.
It won’t be as technically advanced as others may make them (like SamiSha), but I will do my best to cover the talents and what I find best.
Might not be the best guide, since I am not a pro player, but I guess my approach works well in medium ranks.

Short note for those wondering: I don’t pick grenade build for the majority of the time, actually.

Average winrate across all game modes is just about 50%.


I can’t think of a worse healer than ana.