Ana Biotic Grenade Talent Bug


On the PTR in both Try Mode and an AI match Ana’s new talent at level 1 Contact Healing does not give additional healing when a Hero (Allied or Enemy) is in the bonus range from her level 7 talent Anti-Healer.

On live her talent Grenade Calibration on level 1 (with the 20 hit quest complete) and her level 16 talent Contact Healing increases the heal for all Allied Heroes in the expanded circle as well as all Enemy Heroes in the smaller circle (this was done in Try Mode but I’m pretty sure it works that way in a real game as well).


Can confirm, just tested it in trymode. If for example you only hit a single hero on the ‘outer ring’, it’ll heal him for the normal amount (without the 30% extra from the talent), and the healing number will be highlighted as if it was increased, too.

This is a pretty serious bug and undermines the new W build.


Hey Eradiactor18 & Quazer,

Thanks for the reports! We have this issue tracked and hope to have it fixed as soon as we can.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix


Seems to be fixed on live! =]