An idea to improve the experience

One thing I noticed recently is some players are razor sharp and play this game efficiently, much better than me. There is a second group on auto-pilot that attack whatever is in front of them, and the third group are brand new/newbie players.

I think an easy way to train people to improve is better statistics.

  • Splitting up how damage is displayed. Tanks/dps/healers+specialists. When you hover over a name you can see if someone is dps face tanking or actually trying to kill the threats.
  • Show more stats on death. Detailing what the player did when they were alive compared to the opponent: how many camps they got vs the enemy, how long on the objective, how much time they were running around not attacking, how much damage they dealt to each individual enemy,tower,etc + show enemy statistics.

A bonus to this. If players are able to compare themselves to the enemy, something like that will indirectly combat toxicity. If someone can be given real time information on how they can improve, it gives everyone(new and old) their own personalized objectives to become better players.

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The secret to being successful at this game:

Realizing that most players are stupid and have no strategy beyond slugging it out. Even when outnumbered. Some may even think they’re not “playing the game right”, if they aren’t constantly pushing. Your goal should be staying with whatever team of morons you happen to be stuck with, and getting REALLY Good at backing them up. That’s how i win most matches.

If ever i have to leave my guys to hearth back or grab a camp? I know i’m taking a HUGE risk. Because the gaggle of morons on my team are going to be diving in non-stop without me. The longer i’m gone, the worse things will be for them.


Play another game…

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Premade or lose. Randoms are worthless in this game.


Ignore team, split push to victory. :joy: