AMA: Twice Divorced White Male - Free Advice


Hello I am a twice divorced Mid 30s white male who has one daughter.

Ask me anything, I am giving free (bad) life advice for the next 48hrs.


Thank you for sharing your personal information, Gill.


Yeah, you can have all that information and do nothing with it. All that info can be gleamed off my facebook.

DJPea, ask away, I save you a trip to your therapist.


What? no, i wasn’t gonna do anything with it

I just think posting that here isn’t the best idea


I had a career in IT and PPI (Personal Protected Information) so I feel quite fine sharing that info about myself.

Nothing can be done with it.

Anyway, like I said, ill be checking this post multiple times an hour for the next 48. Lets make some fun with some good (Bad) life advice.


This isn’t about HOTS. Try Reddit–you may feel better in those parts of the woods. In fact, you may just belong there.

Whatever you do, stay away from pol/.


It can be about HOTS. Or anything.

The people who respond decide the direction of the thread.


Why the Gall avatar?


My advice: Don’t be that.


Do you want a cookie?


Because it resonates with me. We are all slaves to made-up social rules and have to limit our expression. Gall, in a way, is tied to Cho and cannot do his own thing.

It is a sad state of affairs we are in now-a-days.

I love home-made chocolate chip cookies. Yes please.


:cookie: :revolving_hearts:


Not really shocked by this.

So what impact did too much HOTS play in any of your marriages ?

2 wives in less than 10 year, was it bad draft or bad team comp ?


Are you going for some kind of speedrun? And where will you show off your mastery? I think this goes over the time limits of most events that would host host it.


PC gaming had no weight in my marriages. Being a Soldier, or any branch of the Military is terrible on marriages.

Speedrun - nope. I don’t have any mastery. I am just here, like you.



Apologies for any wrong doings with you, :vulcan_salute: :us:


Do you regret of getting married? I have a bad concept for getting a women, it seems more like a curse, I see the family as a weight rather than a blessing.


No, im glad I was married. I have my daughter out of it and it gave me a lot of personal growth. I also learned you cannot make anyone else happy if you arnt happy with yourself.


Your answer is very good, truly helpful. Thanks for this. I see it this way because of experience with my brothers and my father, they aren’t happy at all of having kids and their women.


how do i find motivation to do something with my life