Am I the only one that likes the new QM rules?


Unfortunately learned this the hard way. There are a lot of heroes that I really wanted to learn, but since I used to queue mostly solo… my winrates on those heroes reflected just how hard those games were; due to lack of coordination, and lack of team comp structure being an issue for nearly every game.


*****People who like the changes — scrubs, feeders, AFKS, the dead, your dogs mailmans boat, Blizzard’s entire white knight team… (paid and unpaid)

******People who hate the changes - everyone else.


Overall i would say i like the change, even though i miss the wacky randomness.


New QM changes were needed since alpha. I know 3 people who didn’t want to play due to how stupid QM matching has been.


I like the changes to make more balanced teams you’d see in TL/HL as well.
On the other hand, sometimes it was fun having a 5v5 assassin match with 30v30 kills.


fake news.

supps and tanks also wait for 2 years until the game starts, it doesnt matter if they are marked with the green arrow or not.

and the quality of games dramatically decreased, tanks vs no tanks, supps vs no supps… 2 steps backwards.


Think the people unhappy with it are the following:

  1. Dps players that were used to old short wait times.
  2. People in certain mmr ranges that play dps. I may not have numbers, but I think that lower MMR may have an extreme shortage of tanks and healers compared higher leagues. This can lead them to having expanded search place them against higher MMR.
  3. Accounts that qualify for new person match maker (think sub 100). Their wait times were long before the change, but I hear they are much longer now and tend to end up facing higher MMR.
  4. The people that got expanded search to the point the new role rules are thrown out the window. So they got to wait a long time for what is essentially the same type of game as before.


The matchmaker is completely busted. My friends and I will queue up as tank/healer and we will get a 10 minute wait where our team has tank healer and the other team has neither. The system is broken.


I like most of the changes. The wait time does get a little annoying trying to play a role with high que. Though it does mean I could que* into other roles faster.


It’d be cooler if I didn’t land in multiple games as a 4 healer team. I understand the rules need to be bent at times to get in games, but…really? Ana, Alex, Lili and Stukov do not make a good team. Our one dps of Kerrigan couldn’t hold up, especially against Nazeebo, Lucio, Fenix, Muradin, and Azmo.

All it does is turtle the match, our healing will never sustain against an actual comp. Can we get a rule implemented to the “extended search” to limit a team to no more than 3 supports? Other than that the queues have been better and I don’t mind waiting a couple of minutes for a more competent match. We will see how this goes with their structure update though.


You are fake news ! :sunglasses:


I was liking it but I notice teams are not getting good comps what’s the point if both teams are not treated equally?
My group had a normal comp vs a team with 2 healers and a butcher as their only front line…wut?


I think the new QM is a mixed bag… Its worth waiting a tinsy bit longer to have a tank/support in group… but then what happens is it “expands parameters” still takes 10 mins and finds a group with a warrior and one without.


This pretty cool, you are lucky :slight_smile:
I personally don’t like the support role and i wouldn’t like to tanking either, but i don’t have problem with this at all, because i don’t use the pvp part of this game. I said what i read on this forum.
Who mentioned he/she regular player, is mostly against this, because it’s a wake up or some kind of similar stuff this game to them.
Hardcore players have a lot of time, so they can wait…


It is great. I love the new QM. I also enjoy getting to play and practice Kelthuzad without being tormented every game by multiple dive and / or stealth heroes. Having a tank and healer makes all the difference.


Maybe others have mentioned this, but it would be great to give us a slider to adjust the mm parameters. If you just want to play quickly and don’t care who you get matched with you could go all the way to one end, and if you want the best match possible and are willing to wait as long as it takes you would put it to the other extreme. That way we indicate to the matchmaker what is more important to us: time or quality.
Also, people need to remember that only some of the players are online at a given time, and of those only some are queued for qm at that moment. So there is a limited pool from which to pick players. Sometimes there is just not very good matchups available at that exact moment.


I suppose my one gripe about it is that the “Expanding Quick Match Search” thing seems to happen way too soon. I even queued with Ana recently, who had a bonus xp flag, and it immediately expanded the search. Dafuq was that?


All I’ve gotten is double tank every match. Except for one where I had no tank and no healer. While the other team had both.


I’m loving it too, I just wish people would stop throwing a fit about having to wait 3 minutes in a queue.

These changes are markedly better than what we had before, and matchmaking feels so much more fair now.

Of course, there are still lopsided games from time to time, but it’s not nearly anything like it was.


Love the new version of QM…I play mostly support or spec (sad to see this going out the window) and when there’s a tank, it makes my job a lot easier. I don’t mind the queue times either, I can alt+tab just fine and do other things on my non-potato computer :smiley: