Alt+R not working for self-targetable ultimates

From what I can tell, all of the ultimates that are targeted, but can be cast on yourself, (lightbomb, crystal aegis, etc.) are not able to be cast with Alt+R anymore. Self casting with Alt+ q/w/e still works. Please fix this button combo since it lies somewhere between convenient and crucial to have. Thanks!

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I just tried Anduin in Try Mode and was able to Alt-R self cast his Light Bomb. Doing so did also make a popup appear from my Radeon graphics card since that has a menu mapped to Alt-R.

Is it possible you have some other program running that is intercepting the Alt-R command?

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I cannot self-cast it in any mode. I do have Radeon Software installed, and it appears to be bugged. Iā€™m going to try to fix that, but why would there be others now having this problem (not just me) in this new patch if it just had to do with some other program eating the input?