Alterac Pass and Towers of Doom, best moba maps in moba history?


Right, all based on camp spawns. Basically, you’re waiting for stuff to spawn.

Probably not, as I’ve already mentioned I recognized it’s potential for come backs BUT

So your deduction is off mark.

Basically, if you read what I said, I said I hated the map (opinion) but recognized its merits.

So all of your bluster about mentioning its merits is irrelevant because I do recognize it for its comeback potential which is one of the few things I like about the map.

I just dislike when people read only a portion of what I wrote then respond to me with arguments that I wasn’t making or create strawmen.


Rule of thumb no /rot no rule of thumb.




The Mud is fantastic IMO. I wish more maps had movement hindering zones.


everybody hates this map even though it’s one of my favorites, is it the split objectives? Losing to stupid comps?


AV and Towers are like the worst maps right now.

AV is terribly balanced, but would otherwise be a fun map like Garden of Terror.


So yeah, mud 100% affects movement speed, even when mounted.


I like Alterac Pass but Dragonshire beats it easily.

I´m quite neutral on ToD, but Dragonshire is always way up there. The looks, the theme, the vehicle, the diistributed channels that allow for 1v1 to 3vs3 is nice to have instead of the perma 4-5 man deathball.


I don’t think anyone would really aside the ones with perpetual “vacations” anyways – they’re the ones with the most hostility.


Alterac pass is among the worst maps.

Tod is hands down the best. So yeah, no. No point in comparing them.


Dragonshire is the best map for me. Towers of Doom the worst.

The others are okay - Warhead and Braxis at most after Dragonshire.


You will not be losing your gems.

Mud does slow you if you are mounted, but if you pass right through you never go under 100% movement speed.


I love stunning people in the mud so that they get beat on while slowly trying to crawl away. Hilarious.


Imagine how it would feel like if you were that hero. You still respawn, but what a horrible way to die.


I for whatever reason find Braxis lots of fun. I absolutely HATE Alterac Pass. I also hate Garden of Terror and for the exact same reasons. They spawn 3 bosses that are hard to coordinate and get down in a reasonable amount of time. I will admit, Immortal is annoying.

I wish they had a “capture the flag” type map because I think it would be tons of fun. Flags spawn on the map and you have to battle for eachothers and then get it back to the point before it gets stolen.


Think I like Sky Temple the most, it’s more like in this particular other for myself:

Sky Temple > Towers > Shire > Alterac

Good thing to see other people prefer maps that revolve around and encourage teamfights as opposed to splitpushing and outclearing waves tbh :stuck_out_tongue:


I like warhead junction also, one of my favorites. But I did enjoyed Odissey in MTG, so…


It really is, but at the same time very sad they changed the voice.

That old voice as a crescendo to the amount of pain and effort it can take to cap the dragon was amazing. Now its just some lady in a flat, unemotional voice saying “My husband is dead”.

wtf lol


tbh I would like more of these, and maybe even some old school frogger-ish mechanics.

Like a rotating fire lash you have to time and dodge to get through a choke point or short cut.

Something about this game gives me nostalgia feels for old school gaming and elements like that make it tastier.


Dude a fire lash is a brilliant idea. Like in the original super mario bros. bowser’s castle! Sign me up for that. Will i die to it now and then because i’m a moron? yes. but that’s the lols.