All this game really needs is a little better solo play

Look, solo players are what drives any game and the solo play on this game was never great to begin with and completely sucks now that Storm and Hero league combined. I haven’t seriously played this game since November of last year. I stepped back for a few games and I’m over it, but I can’t help but believe a couple major tweaks would drastically improve the experience.

The problem with this game is it’s overly team focused. It’s too hard to carry your sucky teammates and it’s nearly impossible to rank up in solo que. Hindsight is always 20/20, but I frankly think this game would perform WAY better if it had an individual player component and allowed some small degree of snowballing. For example, I kind of think kills should only award xp to the players who took part in the kill, and deaths should reduce progression to the next level.

I played this game to gold in solo que several years ago and now I just feel like I have no control over the game (it was limited compared to other MOBA games initially). You can play almost perfectly and lose because that perfect play doesn’t scale into a larger game impact.

  1. Then it wouldn’t be HotS, which is designed to be highly team dependent
  2. Would require massive developer resources that don’t exist to reprogram the game engine

You can play Alarak though. The more you stay alive and your team feeds, the more powerful you become after picking Pure Malice on lv13.


Yea, except Alarak is heavily dependant on the team and if you are too selfish you will acomplish nothing.

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I wouldn’t mind HL back.
And a proper matchmaking again, not the trolls who got carried by their friends and now they are throwing games.


Biggest thing is when they started to rework the game to pander to e-sports they really removed how much you as an individual player can impact the game, lane dominance is nothing, objective is everything.

I’d love to see personal xp for selfish reasons but I think it’s too late.
It benefits solo laners / carries and hero scaling would have to be changed. A bit funny side of HotS, many “carries” are really bad solo laners.

In games you mention it’s possible to trade. You don’t just earn xp but also gold, and you can buy items for your teammates. Tanks and particularly supports tend to lag behind by many levels, so much that they can’t really tank and they are often free kills (level 16 vs level 9 in a DotA match I saw). This can be somewhat offset by trading items - in Heroes, it means handing out talents. Trading can also create a carry, if your team funnels obscene resources to kit out one hero.

So, yeah, I would totally enjoy to single handedly carry a game by soaking for the first 10 minutes and then single handedly obliterating midlane. Heck, it would probably incentivize soaking. I can’t imagine the amount of pings “give me xp, give me xp now”, though.

He is also more or less junk without a good tank (preferably even two front liners) since he is such a valuable target to focus. So he’s not optimal at least for the QM casual.

Just had to think of a hero that gets better the worse your allies are, couldn’t think of any others.

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What I wouldn’t mind seeing is them nerfing ‘soaking’ and making it so that last hits matter when it comes to getting EXP, problem with the game as it is now is that you don’t really have to engage with the lane mechanics, you just have to be there, meaning responsibility of actually getting your team ahead doesn’t really matter, which allows for people to simply ignore lanes and fight for objectives or have lanes that are 4v1 because one person can just safely soak, and the 4 person lane just sits there poking eachother until the objective spawns

Maybe have it so that soaking EXP only gives 100% of the EXP value, while last hitting gives 150% or 200% of the value, meaning you want more people in each lane last hitting, and roaming and shutting down people farming exp is more important, shaking up the dynamic of just dogpiling because EXP is practically guaranteed.

All this game needs is a competent team that knows how to balance heroes, maps and matchmaking. But that will never happen with Blizzard.

Last hitting is a bit clumsy due to also lack of denial, but something like Nazeebo might work. (Get extra if you’ve hit the mob, or hit in the last very few seconds.) Azmodan is a good prototype pro & contra.

Some solo lane matchups are a bit skewed, though. In DotA you can pick up healing items (branches / orbs) to fix your weaknesses.

Well they screwed up the MMR and matchmaking so bad in this game that if you solo que, you will lose every single game you play. Premades are being matched against these players who are solo queing and getting free wins and thus boosted beyond there actual rank skill

THen you got smurfs screwing everything i mentioned above up. Game is over.

But each time we get heroes who could allow that people want them gone.
Alarak, ktz, butcher, samuro, DW, chromie, nova two nerfs ago, orphea, imperius, heck even kt, or genjo (well people do ask retarded buffs for that one ).

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Last hits are such a toxic and unfair mechanic though that enables snowbally play.

As is, you can already get an exp lead as a hero in HotS, over your enemies and team - no need to take it from a 1-2 levels ahead for playing well and change it into a 3-5 levels ahead snowball issue.

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You know what football really needs? Solo play!


Wait. You want Alarak not to be selfish.

What are you saying?!

Yes, but it would make individual lanes more important to actually be in rather then dogpiling in one lane and making every game a 1/4 split, or 1/1/3 for 3 lane maps, which feel rare these days, meaning that individual players have more impact on the game then relying on your team to successfully secure every single objective, simply put it would allow for there to be more actual point to being at different places on the map with individual players rather then dogpiling with 1-2 players just sitting in a lane soaking until the objective spawns.

Also its not like its hard to last hit in HOTS with how much AOE spam there is.

Alarak is secretly a support, don’t tell anyone.

Ever played Vp zeratul or medivh and 1v9’d the rest of the ennemies?

Early game it would be a significant issue. Last hitting to deny xp is one of the most cancerous concepts ever.