All Talent Game Mode

Had an idea for a for fun, unbalanced game mode. Every hero in the match gets access to all their talents on each tier(either with or without both heroics). Theorycrafting on which heros would be the most broken was kind of fun.

Heros with multiple quests scale insanely funny, like Valla, Falstad, Thrall.

Mages like Mephisto/KTZ would do bajillion damages. Murky becomes unkillable demon king. Sgt. Hammer would be a nightmare.

Obviously this would be incredibly unbalanced and would just be a rapid mayhem mode only some people would be interested in(a good seasonal mode).

Idea came from LoL’s URF mode.


I do not think it is supported as talents were not designed to interact like that.

In the fictional nexus world where this game has resources put into it the game system would be made to be able to support this.

Ability Draft from Dota 2? Sounds good! I am all for it!

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