Alarak thread 150


I just hit 150 on Alarak finally after taking a break from HotS and him for a while, and decided I’ll write my 30000th guide on him later with some new perspectives I have on the character.

Anyone have any specific questions they want addressed before I set to work?


What’s your favorite build?


Can you tune your laugh to be similar to Alarak’s?


What is a good situation in which to take Deadly Charge?


does show of force have a place as a talent? I saw it picked in HGC once or twice the few times I saw alarak, but i’m not sure when exactly its a good choice.


E right now, safer than Q which can get frustrating in QuickMatch. Q is more upfront burst though.

My voice is too high and nasally.

When you want to snowball or you aren’t afraid of the enemy locking down and murdering you. Be that due to reckless abandon or confidence. Deadly Charge lets you kill people reliably by yourself.

No idea on number 1, and you pick Extended Lightning whenever you feel you don’t need the extra healing and want something more reliable than CDR.

Yes, it’s when you want more burst damage and want to ensure that you snowball. It’s more damage than the Q talents after level 8 when you only hit a 2 man and hitting a 3 man it gets better at level like, 20.


Can you consolidate all your guides into one mega extensive and comprehensive one like Narha did for chromie please? Narha got a lot of up votes I’m sure you will too since everyone knows you as the alarak guy on this forums

I want to read what you know about alarak but don’t know where to find your previous 3000 guides for starters


They’re all mostly just the same thing though, I don’t have that much unique information.

Mainly just why pick what talents, some tricks like using W to interrupt the enemy’s auto while getting your own off, alt W to shove you where you’re facing, abilities being a waste of time against NPCs if you aren’t getting AOE, using W to line up zaps, basic stuff like that.


Actually I got a weird question.

I play Alarak only in ARAMs, so maybe its map bug.
Whenever I try to use Deadly Charge from behind the terrain, standing right to it… Alarak dashes sideways at 45 degrees. Does it happen outside ARAMs too ?




Blades of the Highlord… I tend to pass over this one at level 13 since overall I feel like I get more out of Rite of Rak’Shir (or Pure Malice if my teamates are having that tough of time staying alive). Not that I haven’t used Blades before, I just find it hard to identify when a good time to take that talent is. I think the only time I would take it is when I feel like messing with Lethal Onslaught at 16.

Actually I find level 13 very interesting overall as it’s the level that most directly interacts with Alarak’s trait itself. What do you use and when?


Why bother with the approval and attention seeking guide?


You take Blade of the Highlord when you feel that you have to be aggressive and that you tend to die alongside your teammates so the other two don’t give you anything. For example if your team gets wiped a few times and you can’t manage to survive the aftermath.

Rite is the best in general because it’s the least reliant on losing and scales infinitely.

Malice is as you said, an if you’re losing but not the one dying.

Because I’m a narcissist.


When do you sleep? :smiley:


You know that period of time when I didn’t answer everything? About midnight to nine AM est.


Why does Alarak sow so much discord?


Do you use Alarak more as a sololaner, or in the 4man?

  1. When not to use the wq combo?
  2. what is Alarak’s punishment for his follower who used D.Va as avatar instead of Alarak?


Because of his voice actor.

4man if I can, more stacking and Alarak brings a lot of AOE damage.

When you want to save W for escaping/peeling, can hit Q without the W, are in melee range, or when you want to line up an E.

There is no punishment as he doesn’t exist and D.Va probably plays starcraft with how much she fangirls over starcraft characters.