Alarak & Imperius best buddies


That :3 face of Alarak’s is so adorable


Next one is going to be an Imperius x Yrel? XD


In many ways their attitude is so similar…

However they would ultimately hate each other. Alarak is quite the opposite of being Valorous, more being a coward and blaming his own weaknesses on others.


I like how imperius treats the healers. “You expect thanks for doing your job?” Not the exact quote but something like that


Hmm, yeah…Alarak is more sarcastic while Imperius is a lottttttttttt more condescending.


D: Ewww What?
I guess there isn’t any real rules on shipping
But still…gross…

When I first heard that I was like what the fox did you say to me!? Did I say I wanted a thank you?
I thought Alarak was bad uuuugh! I asked someone is Imperius suppose to be a good guy or an bad guy? My friend was like he’s chaotic good which makes him butthole lol

I honestly wanted to just stand back and watch the hero die to the enemy team. I really has to fight myself on healing him for the rest of the game.


She is the only one with a more than positive interaction with Imperius and him being a creature of pure light brings the hots to Yrel xD


Fine fine! ship em’ go nuts! :stuck_out_tongue:
I can see her being into those bad bois…that are good?..good bad…no, a bad good boi!


in game i think i have seen Alarak only approve of Garrosh. i havent actually seen him around Imperious.


My reaction behind the screen was more ’ I don’t know, you expect me to save you when you need a clutch? We just have to see.’ :upside_down_face:


That’s a quad melee comp with alarak being the main damage dealer. I Disapprove.


Maybe Alarak will finally leave Artanis alone for a bit.

But to the OP, that is so cute. :slight_smile:


Didn’t Alarak leave after the Amon thing ended?


He did but in most people’s fanfics and fan art he didn’t :kissing_heart:


Do you really think Alarak would stop torturing Artanis just because they saved the universe or some silly thing like that?


More that Artanis was an investment that, while necessary, had a very high degradation.


It’s perfect…


Are you implying that Alarak has a weakness? If anything, his only weakness is his overly compassionate nature, giving others a chance to prove themselves before he deems them unworthy.


Lol Im just imagining Alarak and LoP Imperius roasting players or heroes as buddies. Oops, a new idea…


The best part is that there are so many people like that irl, too. Little Imperiulites.