AI Deathwing cant heal

We had 2 AI teammates in my last game (1 internet connection boot & 1 leaver). Both the Auriel & Deathwing would simply hearth & sit in the hall when no one had pinged them. (I’m not sure if that’s a new change, but I don’t remember that behavior). However, since deathwing can only heal in flight & healing fountain, they never healed & thus we rarely pinged them to join us in lane since their health was so low. Please fix!

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This is new. You must ping bots now. Otherwise they stay afk, because some player dont want AI fighting for them.


Hey there HTown,

You are correct that new behavior will have disconnected players have the AI move the Hero back to base.

In regards to the Deathwing issue, I’ll look into this, thanks for the report!


I also just had a match where this deathwing issue happened. I can save the replay or some debug data if you like.