Again, this morning we 5 soloers met a 4 party and being defeated

I really hate those parties in ranking. So unfair! This morning I was defeated by their 4 party. I dont think there is huge skill difference between us. But they 4 indeed corporate well. They are destroying all soloer’s game. I highly recommend to seperate solo and party aprat.


Theres literally a guy right now that posted how 5 man vs 4 man is fair. I guess he wants you to take consolation in knowing 5v4 man is fair while you lose 0v4.

He should run for office.

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Im wondering how many matches you are against a 4 or 5 stack winning. A lot of time I dont even realise it.
Especially lower leagues you cant tell if people are coordinated

rank just doesn’t mean anything anymore. you see a person in diamond 3. did he get there with solo queue only? or did he get there piggybacking in groups of very good players? we don’t know. it would make a huge difference, obviously, but we just don’t know. rank is bunk.


Gawd, you really are just the embodiment of a pity party aren’t you? No, it’s worse, you got to make everyone else feel your pity and how pitiful you are because everyone is making you pitiful. The OP is just posting one game, a perfect example of confirmation bias. Has the hilarious audacity to say that there wasn’t a huge skill difference, but somehow attribute their being destroyed because of coordination lol.

The other thread posted all games in a day and acknowledged she had a good day, but that they weren’t all instawins as obviously shown by the losses.

The fact is, regardless of whether you get against a group or not, someone is going to lose. So, instead of fixating on whether it was a group or not, figure out why you guys lost that goes beyond they were in a group.


So? This morning i got a 5 stack of 4 high diam and a master while having 3 random solo pepegas with less damage than my tyrael with my grouped friend because the game tries to pit group against groups while ignoring MMRs because 5 solos with MMr advantage can’t take it.
I’ll take the 5 solo against a 5 stack of lower players experience anytime.
And do not get me started when i face 5 stacks bronzes who get runover and give up after the 2nd wipe. This is even worse

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How do you know they were a party?

You can see after the game ends. Just hover the mouse over their names and it will show who they are partied with.


In other news, a group of people who are required to work together to achieve a goal have a greater chance of success when they communicate than a group of people who do not communicate.

Nothing stops you joining team voice chat
Nothing stops you typing before the gates open
Nothing stops you typing to your team while your death timers are down to formulate counter strategies
Nothing stops you pinging and responding to pings
Nothing stops you communicating with your team, and they with you
Your team chooses not to communicate, and gives a massive advantage to the opposition. That’s on you and your team.

The only credible argument about the advantage a party has over a non party, is the party is far less likely to get troll/thrower/feeder.


You shouldn’t had taken CS Varian in the solo lane. Take Falstad or Arthas next time.

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But we cannot require everyone to take part in teamvoice. Besides, people in a party has a common understanding about the game. They know how to coorporate with each other together. Thats why there always teams for DOTA or LOL for competition.

Following your logic, if I gather a team with random strangers, but all of they has good skills. Do you think they can take the world champion as long as they communicate in the game?

That’s not what he was saying. He’ saying if people joined voice chat, they would already have better coordination.

So people can’t chose not to use voice chat, and then also complain that the other team has an advantage.

I never said anything about voice. Voice can be joined by randoms and they can be not used in premades. I know even when I join premades, I almost always decline to participate in voice because I feel it’s unnecessary.

Skill allows you to cooperate with your teammates more so than you actually being in a team. I don’t need to be told to go to the objective when it spawns, or to DPS when the ETC moshes, or to body block an enemy to save my allies, or for me to rush down an immortal after we kill an enemy. I do this because I know how to play the game.

If you need a team in order to “cooperate”, you’re already in a deficit of skill. This is why I find it preposterous when people blame 5 mans for their loss, probably ignoring the many 5 mans they have probably won against and didn’t even know. It’s extremely presumptive and wishful thinking that the enemy had “low skill” as you say, but it was all attributed to coordination.

I mean, how the hell would you even know the difference. Are you hacking communication every time you solo queue when you help your ally? Are you being low skilled when you do that? It’s just so silly.

If it makes you feel better I got paired with 4 consequetive 4 stacks and swear the game matched me with full teams of trolls.

2 threw in draft. Another the healer healer afkd core and the last group I did the most hero damage as the healer…

4 stacks are a mofo trap. Its sometimes as if the worst players get together thinking that’ll net wins and then bam, my solo queue puts me with them.

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This has also been my experience with 4-stacks, specifically. But I think that they decide to ruin someone else’s day (the fifth rando, i.e., you and me) for the lulz.


O no! Umean to tell me 4 people Communicating on a microphone Instawin? Ever watch wind talkers?What about Science?

It suprises me how negative you always are.

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You aren’t required to take part in team voice, you can certainly play without it. You do give up a tool that is available to you if you do, but that’s still on you.

A slightly silly example would be refusing to use 1 of the abilities of your hero and then complaining that it’s unfair your opponents get to use 3 abilities per hero and you only get to use 2.

A less silly example is turning your sound off and complaining that it’s unfair the enemy team can respond to audio cues the game presents and you can’t.

These are things that you and your team are actively deciding not to use. It’s not an unfair advantage because you decided not to use it.

I get that randos often don’t use all the tools available to them. I don’t think the solution is to mess with the match maker. And I don’t accept the “It’s unfair that I chose not to use this game component that other people use.” comment.


No worries Blizzard fixed it.
They removed the party indicator that you can’t see it anymore xD


It amazes me how wrong people can be. People rather believe in what makes them feel better. News at 11.