Again team of 5 against solo team


Let me quote from reddit, March 6th AMA, Blizz_Daybringer:


Just to reiterate, how it came up.

  1. OP complains that in QM he was facing a premade, feeling it unfair.
  2. People respond that QM is not serious.

Now, either #2 isn’t a direct response to #1 (premade vs solo) or it also implicitly judges UD and TL as not serious due to #1 (premades happening). This argument was used in favor of HL before, actually.


You’ve forgotten the earlier AMA’s…

As for the rest you can find the details when they announced this at Blizzcon. You’re still going to be able to queue for solo-only aside the standard mode. So I am not sure how you still conclude discontinued in that you can still play ranked mode facing pure solo’s in the new changes.

You’ve completely jumped the gun here since the issue with TL and premades has nothing to do with the fact that they are premade groups but rather as you seem to conveniently leave out and as addressed with the AMA that you just cited is the legitimacy of ranks due to smurfing / boosting.

Being a group isn’t the problem but it becomes a problem in TL when that group is formed for the express purpose of abusing the MMR system using low level accounts to purposely find low level matches for the account being boosted. That is the concern of the community and the topic of the AMA with regard to merging ranks.

You are so off the mark that I have to wonder if you have reading comprehension issue because that has the be one of the most ridiculous syllogisms I’ve encountered. Because in case this completely flew your mind the OP of the topic is not complaining about smurf boosted 5 man parties in QM just that he had to face a 5 man party plain and simple. Unless for some reason your logic dictates that all 5 man parties must be smurf boosted ones (in which case I have nothing to comment that wouldn’t get me moderated).

As for UD not being taken seriously because it is not a ranked mode, as the name implies. The entire express purpose of the mode is to enable people to practice drafting as they would with ranked modes. Meaning, the advantage of being a premade group in UD is a non-issue compared to QM because you can actually draft, hence you can adapt in UD. Whereas in QM you do not have that option at all since everything is left to chance with random party members if you queue solo. It is also this same reason why a solo facing a 5 man group in TL is not a problem in itself since you actually have an option to draft, the real problem only stems from MMR abuse. Obviously it will come across as “unfair” in QM to face a 5 man group when they have a functioning team with an actual synergy as compared to whatever the AI of the matchmaking dropped for your solo player/s.

Hence, the entire comparison you made is so far off base from what is actually brought up.


I don’t recall mentioning smurfing in my responses. I used the word premade to describe some players are joining the queue as a team.
At some point in the thread, around Lightspoon’s and especially Riv’s

response, followed by Daenku

some people began to suggest that the opening statements

really only apply to QM.

QM usually matches the roles selected by the premade, if they have a tank, you do as well. Admittedly haven’t played much QM recently. So I think the drafting / adapting argument is valid, but a lesser concern.

I see your point about it being a lesser problem, although I have fairly awkward experiences playing on both sides of a premade. Particularly because it is usually a rainbow team ranging from Plat to Bronze. Those I meet are rarely smurfs, looking at the plays and the match results. Simply just friends with rather far ranks. The only thing I found in these matches is a strong negative correlation between favored and winning.

I don’t think there is a solution, though. The MM usually has an easier time to pick 7 solo players to fill a match for a group of 3. Considering this specific (frequent) number, the solo player has 29% chance to play with the premade and 71% to play against. It can feel like being set up, while it isn’t. The MM could require to face premades of the same size, but that could result in even more rainbow league matches (and wait times).

As for drafting, I think that premades have the advantage of knowing each other - not banning your best hero, or drafting around you taking your best heroes. Such as premades formed after a TL win. Outside of a premade, though, people don’t trust each other, ban heroes because of the meta, or even get cruel (“you are going to tank because none of us will”).


this is a thing in TL too so who cares QM
both modes are joke


when an opinion consists of interjecting the wrong presumptions because people didn’t actually read through even the shorts posts, condensing my own posts wouldn’t actually help. I got a long rap sheet of trying to point that out, and the terse replies don’t fix things either >.<

Which is part of the issue of perception limitations people have in wanting to assume themselves right, but not putting in the effort to ever check.

Kinda like that bit on the whole Halo thing that evidently wasn’t followed-up :stuck_out_tongue:


oh look, another person who doesn’t like it when proof is all over the forums. Its ok though I understand you don’t have a leg to stand on in this debate about the broken report system.


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This right here is my point. You randomly report for trolling and yet you don’t even look at forum posts about which Im talkin about. You are the problem with this game. Report away guy. I’ve posted more than enough on multiple accounts to not care that you think I’m trolling.

Look around and do your research.


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Ive pointed out that there are multiple threads about the broken report system you just refuse to dispute any of them. Instead you sit here and spam “trolololol reportin lololololol”

You haven’t done anything to really show that my point is wrong. Its not my job to post every thread or any thread when you can simply look at it yourself. It seems youre just lazy is all.


So without actually delving too deeply into all of these comments - my guess is, you expect to win every game?

If you want the advantage of having a team of 5, make friends. If not, use the voice chat that is provided to you. Honestly the only advantage that a team of 5 has against you is voice. MAYBE, maybe they know how well each other plays and they know each others styles.

I’ve only made friends through this game, and to be honest with you I only at the very least play with a friend. Maybe one or two, not always five. They just make losing a little less painful. Even as a team of five, sometimes I get my rear end handed to me.

Just because you’re facing a team of five doesn’t mean that you’re automatically destined to lose. Maybe you don’t have the perfect counter for their team, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible.


I just did another game very unfun i would be so glad to /surrender oh my god.

Full team against me solo, chogall (two player), and two other solo.

The full team : Butcher, Varian, Li ming, Genji, Murky

Our team, chogall, kaelthas, orphea, kerrigan.

Game end at 11 minut, we was 13 they are 17. Stomp after stomp, they are on vocal, they move all on the same time, do awesome combo, did that was fun to them oh yes i guess, did that was fun to us or hell ? That was hell.

Did i enjoy the game when you match me with against a full premade since we are not, and we have no communication since we are solo, no i Don’t.

But its still a thing. Before it was not, now i see it a lot MORE, that mean less player we must break the good quality of life rule to make some game horrible to other.

Some month ago i remember never face full team anymore, i swear this update was the best, at last no full team.


Yeah yeah, people got toxic and silenced, so the report system must be broken right? Nice point :joy:

Done talking to ya.


You do have communication.

Use it.

It’s called voice chat.


People Don’t use it.

People Don’t all speak the same language.

We was solo.

Think about it !

I just did another game after the full team, and we was all solo this time, this game was very balanced and nice, those are the best game.


This isn’t an RTS bud. Sorry, but 99% of the games you lose in this POS game are complete stomps. YOu can’t learn anything if half your team gives up 5 minutes in because the other team can just amove lane and win.

I’m not even joking because I’ve done it. Got 5 people together and all we did was pick a lane and sit in and soak. We won. 0 kills but we won. Why? Because the other team was just plain stupid and roamed as a group of 5 as we gained a 4 level lead.