Adding stuff to the game cause we can't

If you could add any banners, mounts or sprays, what would you add?
I would add:
Dark Nexus Banners
I don’t care about mounts cause I main Fenix
Dark Nexus Core spray


    A would add banners to every major faction (angels, demons, trolls, high/blood elves, gilneas, and so on).


    Even more Carbot Sprays. There are other cool ones, but nothing can beat Carbot in my eyes.


    The hobby horse shown on a lot of Carbot episodes is a must! I'd also like to have a black panther for a mount. And anything creatively silly.

Anybody remember Rock n’ Roll Racing? Any of those cars for mounts.

Banners that pop. Right now we have the fist that’s it… would make a fire banner, water, earth. Blood. One made out of skin. 1 with a guy hanging.

We have a lot of places to go with banners.

Mounts could be more SC2 units. A siege tank that starts to siege up if you sit still. Cannon can even fire off. Or a battle cruiser that would just fire at the ground right under it. Lots of things. Have them each do something cool while you move around.

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A hare. We have a turtle mount. I don’t understand why we don’t have the hare.

Well, if you don’t care about mounts, then what about different walking animations for heroes that don’t use mounts?!? Just imagine a Fenix moonwalking, or an Azmodan doing ballet steps, or a BW actually walking in two legs instead of flying!!

Or as new heroes!!! (Hammer needs some friends that understand how she feels, you know?)

Also, we need more skins for heroes with little variety on them (particularly Ragnaros, and I not even use him, but I feel bad for people that likes him and mains him).

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Emojis for every skin.

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I’ll see you one and raise.
Skins for every emoji.

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