Adding Doomfist is big!

Many so-called experts talking OW heroes are broken.

Really broken heroes in my opinion: Muradin, Deathwing, Brightwing, Guldan, Kaelthas, Kelthuzed, Malganis, Li-Ming, Medivh, Varian, Maiev, Arthas, Ragnaros, Abathur, Murky, and most of them are from W3 btw.

On OW side, people complain about Tracer, Genji, but are they really that strong?
Well, if we look at their potential: Genji can block damage with W and Tracer have mobility. Are these things overpowered in MOBA?
If it was first person shooter, mobility and damage block that Genji have is very good. But for MOBA, there’s more important things: wave clear, sustain, team fight, global abilities.

Genji, if got stunned, loses his W effect, he’s got low mana pool, and no wave clear compared to Guldan or Muradin, after level 10 talent. Tracer, is low wave clear, single target, fragile, absolutely useless in team fights. So, what so-called experts calling OP heroes, in reality the most useless heroes in HOTS, literally.

Doomfist as a Global Bruiser will allow us to add new team comps and new strategies to ranked mode, more variety than just mages taking over games in Storm League.

You forgot that harassing abilities and mobility are also important to secure kills, stop enemy from taking objectives, engaging and disengage fights.
Also Genji and Tracer are considered by higher rank players as good characters - they require skills.
About doomfist it would be nice to see him here as I like him in OW and I hope they will make him intresting here: (mixture of Diablo charge combined with Alarak charge, Atacks in close range doing more dmg, rooting uppercut, shockwave dash similar to Garosh skill but dealing more damage for price of special effect)

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As I said, compared to others, OW heroes are the weakest, sorry. About expert players, there is no more pro supported players, and so-called experts is just in your own imagination.

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Tracer actually for me is very powerful, both in my hands or skilled teammate or enemy. I think most lacking hero in current ow roster is Also there are still streamers being GMs and some old HGC players are returning to HoTS. It is no longer E-sport candidate but still it has its experts.

As a proof I got my account with 71% win rate in 35 games on Muradin, sometimes against Tracer as well. Tracer if you just learn more about game mechanics is 100%useless…

I have 75% winrate on current Murky season in 28 games despite Murky really being character that is useless when you know mechanics. Simple - just need to play character right. It is like the fact that even when enemy is comp of hard counters you can still win it.

Murky is broken btw)

Oh, you’re the expert now?

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In my own topic? Yes, am an expert of my opinion…


learn to break pufferfish

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Pufferfish is not what makes him broken, he’s death doesn’t give much xp, but he can soak and push equaly, he’s got insane mobility and sustain on lane, extremely strong in team fights and objectives, insane split push/wave clear. Super easy to play also…

Ayeazia can you post that john cena laughing pic

This thread is a real mess


This thread starts off talking about DoomFist and then spends 3/4 of the intro to bash other heroes ;D
This is not how you establish dialogue.

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