About Celestial Charge

It feels really… wonky? to me.

There are plenty of instances where I absolutely swear I should have hit my target, and I end up just going through them.

Is there some sort of trick I’m missing?

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if you’re going through your target, then you need to aim it shorter. you don’t have to be at max range all the time. it took me awhile to figure that out too


Oh my god, I hadn’t noticed you could do that!

So I guess the thin part of the indicator doesn’t count and is just for distance.

Thank you


This is the quickest Problem/Solution post I’ve ever seen!
Good work.

/thread in 20 minutes or less

If only I was here earlier.

Celestial Charge is a weird ability where you have to aim the “minimum range”.

So there are two ways to miss with Celestial Charge; sideways and longways.

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The moment when you see it is easier to miss it point blank than far away.

side question: anyone else think imperius’ model looks robotic