About Aram.... again

Sooooooooo i’ll make it quick,



Before anyone complain about Leo cheap strat (spawning back into enemy base and keep pushing), THIS IS A ****** STRAT AND GRIEFER WILL GRIEF NO MATTER THE HERO THEY HAVE!

I just want to play him properly like an adult!

While we’re at it, bring back hammer to mix too!!! She was never a problem and you could always remove the “problematic” ult as you’ve done with other heroes.


Think about it! Would you rather face 3 Azmo/Naz/Ming/Chromie or 3 Leo/Hammer?

Anyway i may or may not be drunk, thank you for you time! CYA!

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I wouldnt mind leo coming back but I do think hammer was a bit to oppressive for the mode. I think i would actually prefer 3 ming to 3 hammer.

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Give me Leo and i’ll eat those hammer alive!!! or chromie, or ming, or azmo or kael or anub or stitches…

seems to me like hammer aint that much oppresive against long range mage or dives.

That’s always the plan until she boops and/or Unstoppables. Its not as easy to get on to her when theres no flank routes.
also don’t forget you gotta walk through her entire team to get to her as well.

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Long range mages don’t have to walk through anything to get to her… but still, i get your point and yes, she can be a REAL PAIN to certain comps. But against long range poke she’s not much of a threat.

Then again, it’s aram we’re talking about. The mode where you can win against all odds with this ********* comp vs the most meta one and vice versa.

Are we really going full serious and concerned about balance here?

Hammer is legitimately worse than Chromie or JRat (who ironically hard counters her), I think that hammer should only be allowed in no healer games (because the actual problem comes from hard pocketting the Hammer)

ah yes, the true answer to the age-defined question “How do you kill that which has no life?” With banhammers

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Mostly I’m against removing heroes from ARAM, but Hammer is an exception. She really was a total pain in ARAM and I feel for once the many complaints made about her on the forums were fair. The team facing Hammer had to be lucky enough to have picked the heroes who could counter her, that’s if such heroes were even offered in what is a blind draft.

We just now need a Leoric skin where he’s a boozer and wields a huge beer bottle instead of his mace.

While I miss Leo, the Devs (we had them once) said Leoric’s deaths in ARAM were far higher than any other hero. IMO most players who adopted the “strategy” of dying to towers to push, were more often trolls just feeding rather than utilizing this as a true strategy.

Probably shouldn’t bring back hammer, for the simple fact that 100% of hammer players are fat neckbeard losers.

Honestly they should just bring back everyone. What used to be a fun/silly stress free mode became a “unfair comp” mode, when there’s a mode specifically for “fair comps”.

Bring back everyone, let the chaos consume the mode… embrace the chaos.

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I really miss that small chance for everyone to be the same hero.


I dont think that chance exists anymore since the old maps were removed. You can be lucky to have 3 heroes of the same but never 5.