Abilities not visible

When playing, the abilities are not visible. The red rings on the ground are not showing, neither for hero abilities nor for camps. And I can’t display the ability before using it (for example, when playing Deckard and casting scroll of sealing, the triangle is invisible, both before and after casting it). I am not talking about the buttons on the bottom of the screen, but the ability itself. Tried reinstalling the game, but didn’t help. Any fixes? I play on a MacBook Mac OS Big Sur 11.0.


Unfortunately a lot of people on Mac are experiencing this bug (among other visual bugs) for 1+ year now, there is no recourse but waiting and hoping the developers fix it.


I’m on Apple M1, and i have same issue. I can’t see a lot of visual effects. Like Boss stuns and all lines on my spells. Any solution ?

I am having the same issue with my new Mac. So frustrating it has not been fixed yet.

Just discovered this on my Mac mini. I can only see the effects and no circles what so ever

I really hope they’ll fix this soon, cause otherwise the game runs smooth and many heroes are now unplayable (which makes the game unplayable). I just got my new M1 Mac and haven’t got problems like this on my old machine with Mojave.

Just got the M1. Heroes is unplayable. Can’t see any abilities.

Same for me :sob: Got M1, beautiful graphics but no abilities visual, so sad :slight_smile: