Abathur's symbiote gets removed whenever Samuro uses Mirror-Image/Swaps


Abathur’s symbiote gets removed and goes on cooldown whenever Samuro uses Mirror-Image/Swaps. This problem is there only in the PTR and not in live. Hatting samuro is literally useless in the PTR as he keeps using mirror image and swapping on a constant basis.


This bug is also evident with any kind of ability that creates stasis, e.g. Dehaka’s Burrow, Tassadar’s Dimensional Shift, Chromie’s Time Trap, etc. In live, symbiote is working as intended where the symbiote stays on the ally but the abilities (Spike Burst, Carapace, Stab) gets greyed/disabled until stasis end. Whereas on the PTR, the symbiote gets completely removed and goes on CD for 4s which is a hassle during teamfight scenarios.


Hey Gwen & RealistMMH,

Thanks for the reports! We have this issue tracked, and hope to have it fixed when we can.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix