Abathur's Symbiot can't be canceled during Alexstrasza's Cleansing Flame


When Alexstrazsa uses Cleansing Flame while Abathur’s Symbiote is on her, the Symbiote doesn’t go off & Abathur is “Stuck” with her and follows her flames target & can only cancel Symbiote when she lands.

It seems the “ride” is so fun that Abathur don’t listen to your commands.

I think it’s related to Alex being “out of the map” but didn’t test it with other similar effect.


Hey Player,

Thanks for the report! I have not been able to reproduce this issue myself with Symbiote and Alexstrasza. I was able to hit R to cancel Symbiote during her Cleansing Flame shots.

If possible, could you please send the replay with timestamp of the issue in to our Heroes Bug Attachment Inbox.

Thank you,