Abathur much too powerful


Im sure all the new fanboys won’t agree but they over did this rework and its ruined this game quite a bit in QM. Almost every game now there is an Abathur hiding in his base with 0 counter play. His cds are way too short now like i kill an opponent and hes already attached himself to another. His attachment needs longer cds so its a calculated risk to symbiote a player over another. Not just spam spam spam no counter play no punishment for any decision. Also, his cool-downs are way to low now. His shield is almost up all the time while if you build into symbiote the host its perma buffed wrecking entire teams with, once again , no counter as if you kill him he is already attached to another doing the same thing. This champ did not need this buff and those that think he was nerfed are off there gourds.

A healthy champ has healthy counter-play which he has none of. This was the same issue the old Tyrande before rebuild had with spam owl build and we see what happened to that.


Champ”… that is all i need to read.


I stopped reading at “QM”

go play ranked if you want balance.


yes :sunglasses:




Balancing the game around QM is exactly why it’s dying.

If abathur is “hiding in base” then he isn’t bodysoaking and isn’t able to use his mines to any effect whatsoever.

that’s literally just his hat. it’s one of his basic abilities because he’s a weak slug otherwise.

That would require buffing symbiote tremendously to compensate, something that would send you into a frenzy.

There are lots of global abilities in the game if you want to kill abathur or at least scare him away from bodysoaking/placing mines. also his presence in the game means no REAL 5th hero on the enemy team except when he uses Ultimate Evo.

Do you uhhh… know how Abathur works? he doesn’t DIE when a hatted target dies. that’s just a basic ability.

This just makes it sound like you’re mostly a low level league of legends player.

This is an arbitrary statement.

This is ANOTHER arbitrary statement.

old tyrande sucked. that’s why she was reworked. owl build was a meme build for QM and low level play.


Yup. And despite the fact you bring up QM, it is a problem in ranked also, I believe.

As Abathur is good because… Of Symbiote builds. while locust is still on the weaker side. It isn’t terrible like at launch of the rework, but it could use small buffs and Symbiote could for sure use small nerfs.

I would use hotslogs data here… But Hotslogs is claiming people are still somehow picking Assault Strain on abathur… So for the time being the data is useless as no idea how exactly things are getting mixed up…


I also think that Abathur is too strong now. Without the slightest problems, I do more healings than healers like Deckard, Ana.


Balance in ranked? Thou are such humorist. :rofl:


While I do think Aba could use a few nerfs here and there, I don’t think you realise how hard it is for Aba to be effective despite him never be in a teamfight with his own body. And this:

This just not true.

  1. If Aba doesn’t bodysoak, he counters himself.
  2. Aba counters (especially if he bodysoaks):
  • Dehaka
  • Medivh
  • Hanzo
  • Mephisto (especially with Ana’s Nanoboost)
  • Nova
  • Valeera
  • Zeratul
  • Genji
  • Illidan

And there are Heroes who can help countering him or counter him with help, like: Tyrande, Fenix, Artanis, Kel’thuzad.
And those who siege so hard that Aba is scared: Zagara, Hammer.

If Aba sits at base he doesn’t utilise:

  • his trait
  • his mines

so 1/3 of his kit is wasted.


The downside of playing with an abathur is that the team has 1 less body to tank damage , meaning that its significantly more easy to dive the back liners or focusing the tank and burst it down.

Abathur requires good skill from the player because its easy for them to think they are being useful when they are not really.

Not sure how long you have been playing this game but give it more time and you’ll probably realise how to play vs an abathur :+1:

Note : LoL has champions , Hots has heroes


I am not an aba player or anything so feel free to correct me but i do find that adrenal talent should be a level 7 talent instead of a level 4.


The melee assassin/abathur cheese is obnoxious and lame, but other than that he’s still the same largely useless burden he was before. Abathur will never have a place in a MOBA; he was too experimental, too far out from what is a reasonable hero design. The fact that Abathur exists at all illustrates how naive the original HOTS dev team was.

But it doesn’t matter. Video games have shifted 100% away from MOBAs. Even if Abathur was in some way “better”, this game would still be a desiccated corpse in a world where battle royales have detroyed the playerbase of both MOBAs and MMOs.


diablo with apoc add that to the list

  1. Abathur requires more map awareness than any other hero in the game, good players utilize body soaking which is pretty risky.
  2. In QM he is terrible on smaller maps - and you don’t have control over it.
  3. His copy Ultimate is very good, but pretty hard to time, especially on maps with no defensive objectives. (besides, you have to know how to play the heros that you clone)

While Abathur might look like a lazy hero that lets everyone else do the hard work, playing him correctly is very hard. You have to soak multiple waves, pay attention to all of your allies and time your ulti perfectly.

When you loosing to him, it’s usually because you got a trashy composition in QM, and probably less to do with the extra exp that he might contribute in early game.


People always forget this. Ultimate Evo is super strong but is useless if you don’t know how to play other heroes at a basic level (and it you don’t know how to use them at an advanced level, you’ll suck in higher rank games).


The problem with Abathur is the matchmaker. He’s put up against Medivh, Zarya, and Tassadar. Now while Tassadar has the ability to fight Abathur, Zarya and Medivh simply lack the raw healing output capable of an Abby, in addition to Abby’s pushing ability.


It used to be this way.

As rework buff symbionte, putting this talent back to level 7 would me a massive buff to Abathur.

Or maybe it was needlespine on level 7. Regardless, splitting them back up would be super strong.


I don’t think aba is OP but I don’t like playing against him. One less hero to kill is 4/5 the fun of a usual game…