A Time for Druids


Just a general suggestion with no major game play ideas to provide with regards to ability strengths or full builds but here are my thoughts. I tried to include Druids from the 4 base races in the game figuring skins can change them later and represent both Horde and Alliance. All ability numbers are filler. I am not up enough on the skills and abilities numbers to be accurate on power levels.

Add three new WoW druids to the game and rework for Malfurion.

Baseline, All four druids in humanoid form have the following abilities

Q - Wrath - directional attack with cool down

W - Moonfire - Targetable cast with small dot affect

E - Regrowth - Targetable Base line heal over time

D – See each character

Your Druid Line up:

Malfurion - Order of the Claw – Character Rework

D - Shift to Bear Form/Humanoid – Remove CC and Become a bear with increased Health and Damage reduction 1 sec cool down/ Remove cc and shift to Humanoid Form 5 sec cool down

Q - Mangle - single target attack

W - Maul - area attack - cone in front

E – Frenzied Regen - Self shield/Heal over Time

Heroic abilities

1 –Mark of Ursoc – 5 second duration Unstoppable/reduce damage/Reduce basic ability cool downs to 1 sec for the duration

2 – Stampeding Roar – aoe cone in front, all enemy heroes stunned for 3 sec, and slowed for 3 sec when stun wears off

Talents can build up damage or survival traits for bear

Kanga the Primal – Druid of the Fang

Z – Prowl –Go stealth and move 30% faster, add additional combo point for abilities

D – Shift to Cat form - Remove CC and Become a cat with increased Health and movement speed 1 sec cool down/ Remove cc and shift to Humanoid Form 5 sec cool down

Q – Rake – Target melee ability with dot/bleed – combo point

W – Shred – AOE Cone melee ability front combo point per hero hit

E – Ferocious bite – Damage and damage per combo point


1 – Tigers Fury – Increases damage output by 30% of all abilities, reduces basic ability cool downs to 1 sec, heal for 15% of all damage dealt

2 – Silent assassin – Go into stealth mode, reduce all abilities to 1 sec cool down and be un-targetable while retaining stealth for 5 seconds.

Hamuul Runetotem – Order of the Sky

Z – Become an Eagle and be un-targetable while moving and pass over terrain

D – Remove CC and shift to moonkin form 1sec cool down/Remove CC and shift to Humanoid Form 5 sec cool down - Moonkin form increase spell power/damage of all baseline humanoid spells by X% and gain additional bonues

Q - Wrath - directional attack, Chains to nearby allies of target

W - Moonfire - Targetable cast with extended DOT dot affect

E - Regrowth – Heals for X amount with Targetable Base line heal over time

Heroic Abilities

1 – Starfall – AOE damage ability – channeled

2 – Entangle – AOE CC that last 5 seconds that stops (not stuns) all targets caught in the area for 2 seconds and then slows the target by 80% until they leave the area or the spell expires

Celestine of the Harvest – Druid of the Bough

D – Remove CC and become a Tree of Life 1 sec cool down/ Remove cc and shift to Humanoid 5 sec cool down – Tree life moves at 15% reduced speed and has 30% increase damage reduction and 25% increased spellpower

Q – Rejuvenate – Base line heal with Heal over time

W – Healing Touch – Base line heal

E – Summon Treant Guardian – Summon a Treant Minion that attacks the selected target or nearby enemy till destroyed – 2 charges

Heroic Abilities

1 – Tranquility – Same as Malfurions Current Ability

2 – Bark skin – Cast bark skin on self or ally hero granting them increased Damage reduction and Heal over Time for 6 seconds – 4 second Cool down – This will be like adding a new ability to the class rotation instead of a one and done for 90 seconds.


Too much work and it would be too complicated for Malfurion, hence why they go for his WC 3 version of his kit, which is the Keeper of the grove… If i understand it correctly, you gave him way too many extra basic abilities in a form of a trait, in which it would broken and kinda OP, but although i still would like to see him changing forms as a trait too but not affecting his original kit…

Plus, i would recommend for other Druid characters to use their existing forms abilities, i meant like for example, Broll Bearmantle can form into a Druids of the Claw and having its ability kit that’s similar to WC 3 unit counterpart, feel free to check it out…

Also i have a question, is there a famous Druids of the talon character??? If they’re any please tell, as i am trying to create a concept of them…


I suggested Hamuul Runetotem not too long ago like I put a basic design idea for him as a bear druid. Here it is if you want to see it. Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem Hero Concept


Mines is Broll Bearmantle due to his strong connection to a bear, especially in the comics, feel free to check it out too since it still relatively new so it can be found quite easily!!